J Marshall Mattresses

J Marshall No. 1 MattressJ Marshall No. 1 Mattress
J Marshall No. 1 Mattress
The J Marshall No. 1 is carefully crafted for a luxurious night's sleep. 1,000 individual pocket springs offer engineered support while tracing the natural curvature of your spine. Deep natural fillings of cotton, wool and bonded layered wool provide cushioning and maintain optimal breathability. These natural materials wick away moisture to keep your mattress at optimum quality. The horizontal handles conceal fine mesh air vents to ensure the mattress remains fresh. No.1 is wrapped in a soft-feel viscose and cotton Belgian Damask ticking for durable comfort. Quality craftsmanship is guaranteed with traditional hand tufting.
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from £870.00
J Marshall No. 2 MattressJ Marshall No. 2 Mattress
J Marshall No. 2 Mattress
No.2 packages luxury in an accessible and versatile mattress. 1,200 pocketed springs upholster your mattress for a fully supported night's sleep. With fillings made up of pure new wool, soft bamboo, sustainable Tencel and Alpaca – this is a superior comfort range that's designed with your wellbeing in mind. The natural materials used allow the mattress to breathe, giving you a more comfortable night's sleep. A Belgian Damask cover makes for a silky-smooth finish for optimal comfort.
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J Marshall No. 3 MattressJ Marshall No. 3 Mattress
J Marshall No. 3 Mattress
With 1,400 pocketed springs, the Plus Pillow Top is designed for exceptional depth of comfort and responsive support. No. 3 will contour your body to respond to every need and adjust pressure where needed. It's filled with an all-natural blend of materials: cotton, wool, sustainable bamboo, and soft alpaca and pashmina. For added support and comfort, J. Marshall have introduced an extra layer of memory wool to the mattress sleeping surface. A Belgian Damask ticking covers the mattress in breathable comfort.
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J Marshall No. 4 MattressJ Marshall No. 4 Mattress
J Marshall No. 4 Mattress
With 1,600 pocket springs and a further 1,500 micro springs, the No. 4 is the top of the range within the J.Marshall by Vispring collection. It's a highly responsive mattress designed for perfect spinal alignment: the high number of springs ensure this mattress will cushion and support in all the correct areas. It boasts a pure new wool and cotton hand tufted filling that will wick away moisture for a comfortable night's sleep. The integral Pillow Top layer is filled with wool, cashmere, silk, alpaca, bamboo, and pashmina – the optimal layering to keep your mattress fresh and dry. The viscose and cotton Belgian Damask ticking wrap the mattress in a final tone of natural elegance.
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