Woolroom is a family run business founded in 2008 with a vision to reintroduce the brilliant qualities of wool and break the frustration surrounding the undervaluing of this natural fibre. With 150 years of experience behind them sourcing the finest wool from around the world, Woolroom are masters of their craft. 
Woolroom's goal was to reintroduce wool to consumers and highlight how the brilliant benefits of the fibre could far outweigh any of the negative associations that have been commonly built, such as itchy and scratchy to touch or wear, better suited to cooler climates and difficult to clean.  With this in mind, whilst developing and sourcing products from around the world, there was one key development at the core of its business - machine washable wool bedding. 
As goals turned into values, Woolroom products are natural and sustainable, regulate temperature, can be washed at home and have been encased in cotton to perfectly suit use in a bedroom environment.
snuginteriors are very proud to partner with Woolroom and fully support their promise to do right by their farmers, the environment, the future and you.