Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

Vispring Recliner Elegance MattressVispring Recliner Elegance Mattress
Vispring Recliner Elegance Mattress
The Vispring Recliner Elegance mirrors the upholstery and comfort of the classic Vispring Devonshire Mattress. It features generous fillings of hand-teased Platinum Certified Devonshire fleece wool, nestled on honeycomb hand-nested pocket springs, offering a stunningly cosy, soft sleeping experience.
RRP From £1600.00
from £1,190.00
Vispring Recliner De Luxe MattressVispring Recliner De Luxe Mattress
Vispring Recliner De Luxe Mattress
The Vispring Recliner De Luxe is carefully modeled on the favored Vispring Herald Superb Mattress. The expertly blended filling of Platinum Certified British fleece wool, horsehair and cotton, arranged over hand-nested pocket springs, ensures a delightfully supported and sumptuous night’s sleep.
RRP From £1900.00
from £1,415.00
Vispring Recliner Superb MattressVispring Recliner Superb Mattress
Vispring Recliner Superb Mattress
The Vispring Recliner Superb closely resembles the Regal Superb Mattress and is a luxurious choice and a balanced combination of natural fillings. Springy long stranded horsetail, Platinum Certified British fleece wool, real Shetland wool and cotton all provide an exquisitely buoyant, soft and supportive mattress. All this is underpinned by Vispring’s unique hand-nested honeycomb pocketed springs. With such an abundance of natural fillings, your body is perfectly cradled without you being aware of the craftsmanship taking place beneath you.
RRP From £3135.00
from £2,340.00
Vispring Recliner Excellence MattressVispring Recliner Excellence Mattress
Vispring Recliner Excellence Mattress
The Vispring Recliner Excellence Mattress, for Adjustable Beds, is the height of adjustable luxury and has been closely modeled on the popular Vispring Sublime Superb Mattress from the core range. The mattress is generously filled with an array of natural fillings, including Platinum Certified British fleece wool, offering a firmer feel and the ultimate support.
RRP From £6000.00
from £4,490.00