Buying Guides

Buying Guides

The internet is full of guides explaining how to find the right sleep products. What makes us different?

Sure, we cover the basics - like choosing the right mattress for your body requirements and which tog rating is best for summer - but our guides go deeper.

Our bed experts have created informative, easy to digest, and interesting buying guides that explore everything from pocket springs to natural fillings, and pillow support to storage options.

We tackle a phenomenal range of questions to make sure you find every answer you need easily. And as we pride ourselves on selling the most luxurious, comfortable and sustainable products available, our buying guides treat your shopping experience in the same way.

Browse through our mattress, bed and bedding buying guides and if you still need to chat then give us a call or why not visit us in our showroom. We’re always happy to help.

snuginteriors Complete Bed Buying Guide

Your sleep is our passion and when it comes to peaceful rest we strive for perfection. Our team has been delivering excellence in the world of sleep for over 25 years and we’ve put our heart and souls into creating this comprehensive Snug Bed Buying Guide just for you.

We cover:

  • Get you and your environment ready for a good night’s sleep
  • How to choose the right mattress
  • How to find the perfect bed
  • How to choose the right duvet
  • How to choose the perfect pillow
  • How to care for a mattress
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Complete Bed Buying Guide

Mattress Buying Guide

Use this guide to learn how to find the best mattress for your sleep needs and overall health and wellbeing. There’s no need to be overwhelmed by the many choices on the market. Simplify your life with our easy to read mattress buying guide.

We cover:

  • What’s best for your body?
  • The questions to ask about sustainability
  • What you need to know about pocket springs and other mattress types
  • Why traditional British craftsmanship makes all the difference
  • Is the mattress for you or your guests? This matters.
  • How to work out your sleep preferences
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Mattress Buying Guide feature

Bed Buying Guide

There are essential factors to consider when buying a new bed and our bed buying guide covers them all so you can sleep well for the rest of your life. This detailed and easy to read guide from our bed experts brings all the information you need to one place.

We cover:

  • The difference between divan beds and bed frames
  • Different types of divan base and their benefits
  • Storage options so you can maximise your space
  • Divan base heights to get the look you desire
  • All the customisation options snuginteriors has to offer
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Mattress Accessory Guide

To ensure the longevity of your mattress, it’s important to care for it properly. To rid any confusion you might have, we’ve put together this easy to read guide to show you how to care for your mattress and the right accessories to get.

We cover:

  • The differences between a mattress topper, a mattress protector and a mattress pad
  • Why you need each mattress accessory to properly care for your mattress
  • Different types of fillings for each: synthetic and natural and their benefits
  • Handy instructions on how to fit each mattress accessory to your bed
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Mattress Accessory Guide feature

Pillow Buying Guide

If you understand how to choose the perfect pillow then your sleep checklist will be complete. There is a lot of choice on the market so rather than overwhelm you, we’ve put together a simple yet informative guide to help you learn what kind of pillow you need.

We cover:

  • Different types of fillings: synthetic and natural and their benefits
  • Pillow covers and what you need to consider
  • The best level of support for your preferred sleep position
  • Pillow height or ‘loft’ and what this means
  • How to look after your pillow
  • What sizes you can buy
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Pillow Buying Guide feature

Duvet Buying Guide

Find the perfect balance of comfort and temperature-regulation with our helpful duvet buying guide. We clear any confusion about tog ratings and help you find the right duvet for a blissful night’s sleep.

We cover:

  • Tog ratings and how to clearly find what you need
  • Different types of fillings: synthetic and natural and their benefits
  • The brands that are dedicated to sustainability
  • What sizes you can buy
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Any more questions?

We hope our buying guides have helped you make the right choice for all your bedding needs!

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to call our expert bed team on 01730 894 754. They're on hand to offer advice, quickly and easily. You can also visit our snug showroom in Hampshire where our friendly bed expert team will be on hand to help you.