How To Choose The Right Duvet

How do you achieve a cool night’s sleep in the summer and a warm night’s sleep in the winter?

By choosing the right duvet.

This duvet buying guide highlights 4 key areas to consider when buying a new duvet.

As experts with over 25 years’ experience in matching people to the right bed and selecting the best bedding, we’ve compiled this duvet buying guide so you can make the right decision for your sleep needs.

Choosing the right Duvet

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Snuginteriors Duvet Buying Guide

Here are 4 key areas to think about when choosing the right duvet:

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Tog Rating

A tog is a measurement of how warm the duvet will keep you during the night. It states the degree to which the duvet retains heat.

This is one of the key areas to consider when buying a duvet. It comes down to: how warm do you want to be? Tog ratings range from tog 1 to tog 15. The higher the tog the greater the heat retention so, you’ll be a lot warmer at night if you opt for a higher tog.

As a rule, go for a lower tog rating in the warmer months and a higher tog in the cooler months.

A 4.5 tog is ideal for summer and a 10.5 - 13.5 tog is perfect for winter, depending on how warm you sleep, whether your home is single or double glazed, and whether you have the heating on at night. A 7 tog is a good medium weight duvet for year round use.

If you’re after flexibility, or want to satisfy all your warmth needs in one purchase, then consider an all season option. These duvets are suitable all year round. They consist of 3-in-1 temperature control: allowing two separate duvets for warm or cool months, then joining them together for extra cold spells. This is a great choice for a versatile purchase that ticks several boxes.


Duvet tog ratings for different ages

It’s important to note that as well as considering the season and personal preference, age must also be taken into account.

An adult can regulate their body temperature well so the duvet tog can be subjective. However, a child (especially young children) cannot so there are specific guidelines for this age group.

If you’re buying for a child, aim for a tog rating lower than 10.5 as a thick duvet will be too warm. For very young children and babies, choose a tog rating of 4. This will keep them at a comfortable temperature all night long, especially if they sleep in a cot which retains heat well due to its small size.

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There are two choices when it comes to the material that fills your duvet: synthetic or natural.

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Synthetic fill

Man-made materials are best for anyone who suffers from allergies such as rhinitis, asthma or eczema. As well as being non-allergenic, these duvets are also washable and utilise new technologies that offer light, breathable fills and are thermally efficient.

Here are two examples of synthetic technology utilised in high quality duvets:

Smartfil®: These are advanced fibre fillings you can find in our ranges of synthetic duvets and pillows. If you used a microscope you could see tiny, micro-fine fibres that have been glazed with a permanent silicone layer.

These micro-fibres are as tough and resilient as diamonds but incredibly silky and soft to the touch. This unique process does two things:

  1. The tiny fibres can slide over each other without friction, resulting in free-flowing fillings that shift and shape around your body as you sleep.
  2. The permanent silicone layer allows the fibres to keep their shape so they will stay fluffy and plump for a long time.

Smartfil® duvets are washable at 60 degrees which is the temperature that will kill dust mites. They all last longer than other duvets as there is no friction between the fibres. Amazingly, the silky-soft feeling never deteriorates even after repeated washing.

They are also non-allergenic and move the air through for excellent flow. These duvets are superior in quality and perfect if you're looking for a high-tech product that will support your sleep.

Another example of a synthetic material used in high quality duvets is:

Modal: This is acquired from natural wood pulp and is wonderfully breathable.

Modal helps to wick away moisture from the body leaving a sleep space that is temperature-controlled and comfortable.

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Natural Fill

Duvets filled with natural materials are another great option. Light and comfy, including materials such as feather and down, and wool, natural fillings make these high quality duvets very breathable and are naturally temperature-regulating. They offer a superior night’s sleep that is comfortable and supportive. Natural filled duvets include:

  • Feather and down: These duvets are soft, light, and offer natural thermal properties as well as being highly breathable. For the most luxurious and soft feeling duvet, choose a duvet with a high proportion of down.
  • Wool: Wool duvets are breathable and help to regulate body temperature. They do a great job at keeping you cool in the warm months and lovely and warm when it’s cold, creating a great sleep experience all year round.
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It’s important to choose a duvet that is filled with materials that have been responsibly sourced. Look for brands that employ innovation, ethical sourcing and sustainable production.

Many brands who specialise in high-quality duvets will make efforts towards lowering their carbon footprint and recycling their waste.

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The Fine Bedding Company

The Fine Bedding Company is the first bedding company in the UK to carry the prestigious Downpass seal, certifying that the products are of a guaranteed quality, responsibly and ethically sourced, and have incurred no live-plucking whilst being fully traceable. Their microfiber duvet fillings use 25% less polyester than similar competitor products, and the majority of the cotton is sourced through Better Cotton Initiative sources.

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Devon Duvets

Devon Duvets handcrafts each item in its Devon workshop using high-grade, 100% British wool and innovative plant-based fibres, found in their Botanics range. Their wool is traceable from farm to duvet. It is only shorn from live sheep during the spring and summer when they naturally need to shed their wool fleece. This respect for animal welfare is reflected across the entire brand’s approach to sustainability. They also use cotton that supports the Better Cotton Initiative, promoting better environmental and socio-economic farming practices.

Duvet Sustainability

Duvet Sizes

It may sound obvious but check the size of your bed before you purchase your new duvet. Here is our size guide.

Single Mattress 90cm x 190cmDouble Mattress 120cm x 190 cm
And 135 x 190cm
King Mattress 150cm x 200cmSuper King Mattress 180cm x 200cm
135cm x 200cm Single Duvet 200cm x 200cm Double Duvet 230cm x 220cm King Duvet 260cm x 220cm Super King Duvet

Find The Right Duvet For You

Now you have the knowledge, head to our duvet section to browse our extensive collection of luxury duvets.

You deserve ultimate comfort and with a vast range of duvets on offer, we know you’ll find the right one and have a great night’s sleep.

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