Please see below some of our most frequently asked questions.  If you do not see the answer to a question that you might have, please do not hesitate to get in touch, either by phone, our online 'chat' facility, email or visiting our showroom.

We are bed experts and look forward to answering any questions you might have.  

Is a firm or orthopaedic mattress better for my back?

No, this is a common misconception. What is important when buying a new mattress is that you get a good supportive mattress to suit your bodyweight. This can still include soft layers of upholstery for excellent comfort.

If you choose a mattress that is too firm for your bodyweight, you will not be able to engage the springs and get the full benefit and support of the mattress, instead you will simply be lying on top of the mattress.  Equally, if you are buying a mattress that cannot support your bodyweight, you will be crashing through the mattress and again not getting the correct support to suit you.

The mattress tension will normally help guide your choice, together with an individual’s preference to a firmer or softer feeling mattress, their age and any previous back problems. For instance, an elderly person may prefer a firmer mattress as they may find it easier to get up out of.  Whilst a lighter weight person may prefer a finer gauge (soft spring) so that their body has more support and more contact points with the mattress.

It is also important to consider the base you are putting the mattress on and how this might alter the feel of the mattress.  

By getting a mattress that is tailored to suit you, such as a pocket spring mattress that will respond to your body’s shape and weight, you will get a much higher level of support and excellent comfort.

Here at snuginteriors, we are bed specialists, and our team are highly experienced and well trained to advise our customers on the best mattress to suit them, so if you would like any help in choosing your next mattress, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Does a mattress feel different on a slatted or solid divan base versus a sprung divan base?

Yes, a mattress will feel softer when paired with a pocket sprung or open coil sprung divan base, compared to a slatted base or solid platform top divan base.  This is because you are getting additional support and upholstery from the base. The springs in the divan base will work in unison with the mattress springs, allowing your shoulders and hips to nestle further into the mattress ensuring the narrowest parts of your body also get the support they need. 

Putting a mattress on to a slatted or solid base will make any mattress feel firmer and means the mattress has to work harder to provide all the comfort and support as the base is solid.  If you are putting a new mattress on this type of base, you may want to consider buying a higher specification mattress for a more luxurious feel.

Please note, that whilst a sprung slatted base (where you can see an arch or bow to the slat) has a little movement, it will still provide an overall firm base for the mattress to sit on.  The same mattress would feel firmer still on flat, solid slats.

What is a combination tension mattress?

A combination tension mattress is a one-piece mattress offering two tensions on the left- and right-hand side of the mattress.  They are available on selected mattress models in king size and above.  They are designed to suit couples with differing body weights, allowing the lighter person to go for a softer tension and the heavier person to go for a firmer tension. This gives a better level of support to the two differing bodyweights and ensures greater comfort.  There is no additional charge for choosing a combination tension. 

It is not possible to have a combination tension in a double sized mattress, this is because there is not enough space to have two different tensions. In this case, you will need to select the mattress tension that best suits the heavier weight person so that they are adequately supported, and you do not roll into each other.  You can then consider adding a mattress topper for additional comfort for the lighter weight person.


Should I buy a one-piece super king mattress or a zipped super king mattress?

The main thing to consider when choosing between a one-piece or zipped mattress is whether the one-piece mattress will fit into your property. A one-piece super king mattress is very heavy, and whilst it will bend around a corner, it will not bend in half, so we advise you to double check all measurements from the front door to the room of before ordering, to save any disappointment later down the line when it comes to your delivery.

A zipped super king mattress is an excellent choice if access is tight or if you are not able to turn the weight of a one-piece mattress.  Having the mattresses made in two pieces makes turning much easier and therefore makes us much more inclined to do so, which really helps look after the mattress for the long term.

Having zipped mattresses allows each individual partner to choose the correct tension to suit them, and if somebody is particularly conscious about feeling their partners movements, zipped mattresses are going to ease this concern as they are separate mattresses.

Something to bear in mind is that a one-piece mattress will always feel slightly softer than zipped mattresses (made in the same tension), as the mattress borders are further apart.

What is the difference and/or benefit between a no-turn mattress and a double-sided mattress?

A no-turn mattress only has upholstery on one side of the springs, therefore resulting in one sleeping surface. These mattresses can only be rotated and therefore make for easy maintenance. They are a great choice if you know you do not want, or are not able, to turn a mattress.  To care for a no-turn mattress and get the best out of it, we do still recommend (if possible) rotating a no-turn mattress, ideally regularly during the first three months, and with the seasons thereafter.

A double-sided mattress has upholstery on both sides of the springs, therefore resulting in an enhanced, deeper level of comfort and two sleeping surfaces as the mattress can be turned. We do feel this gives the very best comfort and would recommend a turnable mattress if you are able to do so (or able to ask somebody to help).  If you do not turn a turnable mattress you will still get excellent comfort but will only benefit from one sleeping surface and cannot get such an even usage of the mattress, which helps with life span of a mattress.

Why is hand-side stitching important on a mattress?

Hand-side stitching is a process used in the traditional, luxury handmade mattress manufacturing process and ensures structure and additional support to the edges of the mattress. It means that you can sleep right up to the edge of the mattress and still feel well supported, without feeling like you are going to roll out of the bed.

Machine side stitched borders give a faux hand-side stitched appearance, but do not give any additional structure or support to the edge of the bed. You can see this when you lie on the bed as the border often billows and puffs out from the expelled air.


What is a mattress tick?

The mattress ticking is the outer fabric cover used on the mattress and creates your sleeping surface. All of our mattresses are made using chemical free mattress ticking for a clean, healthy sleeping surface.

What are mattress tufts and why does a mattress have tufts?

A mattress tuft is often a small and round disc that can be made from wool or felt. They are used in the traditional hand-made mattress manufacturing process to help keep the deep layers of mattress upholstery fillings in place either side of the pocket springs.  The mattress tufts are deeply sewn into the mattress and create even, uniform undulations across the mattress. It is a sign of a high quality, well-made mattress.

Divan Bases
What is the difference between a Deep Divan Base and a Shallow Divan Base?

A deep divan base is a more traditional, taller divan base which often sits on castors (great for carpet flooring and to be able to easily move the bed) or a wooden foot (recommended if you have wooden floors), whilst a shallow divan base is a more contemporary style and sits off the ground on taller legs.  It gives a bed frame or bedstead appearance.

A deep divan base is normally between 31cm – 35cm high, paired with castors (adding an additional 5-7cm height). A deep divan base allows for storage (drawers, ottoman or hideaway options).



A shallow divan is normally between 15cm – 17cm in depth, paired with taller legs (available in a range of designs and heights).



Which Divan Base will give me the best comfort and support?

A pocket spring divan base will give you the very best comfort and support. If you are looking for a luxurious feel, this is the divan type for you.  This is because each invidivual pocket spring will respond according to the weight it receives ensuring full body support where your body needs it most.

It is the perfect partner to a pocket spring mattress as the mattress and divan work together allowing your shoulders and hips to nestle in to the bed and keep your body aligned.

What is a Zip and Link Divan Bed?

A zip and link divan bed is made up of a pair of zipped mattresses and a pair of linked divan bases (joined North/South), which can be separated to create two single (extra long) beds.  This not only gives great flexibility in a guest room, allowing you to cater for guests with one large bed (most commonly a super king size) or to split it in two and offer twin beds.  It is also a firm favourite for customers master bed where access is tight, they are looking for mattresses that are easier to turn or they want two different tensions and to notice as little movement from their partner as possible.

We tend to recommend a zip and link bed in a Super King size and above.  This is because it is made up of two 90cm widths (standard single sizes) or above.  We can offer zip and link beds in a king size but we do like to point out to customers that they then have a compromised sleeping space as each mattress has a width of 75cm, which is less than a standard single size a child sleeps on.

What is a Platform Top Divan Base?

A Platform Top Divan Base is a solid divan base (sometimes with a little padding on the surface, but still solid to touch). This type of divan base will make any sprung mattress feel firmer, compared to a sprung divan base. It is the perfect choice for someone looking for a value for money divan base, that still allows the customer to choose their own fabric, leg and storage options.

What is the difference between a Firm-Edge Divan Base and a Sprung-Edge Divan Base?

A firm-edge divan base means there is timber running around the edge of the divan base giving firm support to the edge of the base.  








A sprung-edge divan base has pocket springs running from edge to edge and gives a softer, more comfortable finish to the edge of the bed.

What is the difference between a Continental Drawer and a Standard Drawer on a divan base?

A continental drawer is a smaller drawer that sits towards the head end of the bed but is slightly inset down the length of the bed to allow space for a bedside table to sit. This means you can still open the divan drawer without having to move the bedside table every time you want to access it.


A standard drawer is a larger drawer that sits on the side of the bed, and can be used both at the foot and head end of the bed.  Please note if you have a standard drawer at the headend and use a bedside table, you will not be able to access the divan drawer without moving the bedside table.  Consider how often you are accessing the items you plan to store in the divan drawers.