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Vispring bed

Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Taking the plunge to buy a new bed could be the best investment you make all year, and get you the perfect night’s rest you are yearning for.

At snuginteriors we understand the importance of quality when it comes to your bed. That’s why we’re proud to supply Vispring’s range of luxury beds and mattresses. A Vispring bed is a guarantee for luxury craftmanship and supreme comfort like no other.

If you haven’t yet heard of Vispring, you’ve just made an important discovery in the world of supreme and luxurious beds. If you are familiar, then you’ll already know Vispring is a byword for luxury.

Not sure where to begin? Take a look at our guide to the Vispring range. It’s the perfect place to start in the quest for choosing your new bed. If you need further advice, simply call us on 01730 894754 and speak to one of our bed specialists.

Bespoke beds since 1901

Vispring have been making bespoke beds since 1901. The Vispring journey began in 1899 in Canada when English engineer, James Marshall, pioneered individually pocketed steel springs to create a bed worthy for his ill wife. The revolutionary design was brought to Britain by John Nolan and Frederick James in 1901 (then made by The Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company). In 1911 the company adopted the Vispring name.

Today Vispring beds are sold in 35 countries across 5 continents, bringing a good night’s sleep to more people than ever before.

The name, the brand and the Vispring reputation

The name Vispring was carefully chosen to represent the fundamentals of the mattresses it represents. The Roman numeral VI is a subtle reference to the fact that six springs were at that time being sewn into each pocket. VI was combined with ‘spring’ (that bit is obvious) to create a meaningful name.

Vispring set out as the epitome of luxury and bespoke comfort. In 1912 Vispring’s mattresses were selected for the Titanic’s suites and First-Class cabins. The reputation of the brand was established. In 2012 Vispring was awarded the highly prized Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The Royal Warrant is testimony to the Vispring brand.

Natural materials

From the outset Vispring insisted on using only natural materials. From 1925 Vispring included a pure cotton filling and began to expand the range of materials used. The ever more luxurious materials incorporated to this day include Shetland wool, bamboo, mohair, horsetail, silk and cashmere.

Technical sophistication

Vispring’s master craftsmen use techniques that have been refined over the course of a century. Combined with the technical sophistication of individually pocketed springs and the finest natural materials, a bespoke Vispring bed is a guarantee for sublime comfort and an untroubled night’s sleep.

Handmade to order

All Vispring beds and mattresses are made to order. Your Vispring bed will be completely bespoke from the size and tension of the mattress, through to divan height, fabric, bed legs and storage options.

Vispring are the only bed manufacturer to produce their own springs, and every mattress is given the same fine attention to detail. Each spring is enclosed in a natural cotton calico pocket to ensure excellent breathability. Pocket springs are then hand-nested in a honeycomb pattern to maximise support. The pockets aren’t glued, like many other beds, so each one can work independently, offering maximum support from head to toe.

The finest natural fillings are used in all of Vispring’s products. The highest quality horsehair from Austria is used to give Vispring beds extra resilience and comfort. As Vispring say themselves, “adding horsetail to a bed is like giving it millions of extra springs.” British fleece wool is also used to create an environment that works with your body to regulate temperature.

Hand-tufting ensures even distribution and creates a voluptuously contoured surface. Mattresses are sewn up by hand using natural twine with a technique that takes years to master. The tape-edging is perfect. You’ll find fine craftsmanship in every single detail.

Choosing the perfect Vispring mattress

Vispring mattress

As bed specialists, we know how overwhelming it can be to choose the most comfortable bed. We are here to help and we’ll take the time to understand your requirements.

Vispring offer 58 spring types and four different tensions (soft, medium, firm and extra firm), so you can be sure we’ll have a luxury bed to suit your particular needs. For king sizes and above, 1-piece mattresses can be made to order with differing left and righthand tensions. Super king mattresses can also be zipped, offering two separate mattresses of different tensions.

For more information on buying a new bed and mattress see our helpful bed buying guide here.

Read on to find out more about our range of Vispring beds.

Vispring mattresses


The Elite is Vispring’s entry level mattress, which surpasses the very best from most other bed manufacturers. Natural fillings wick away moisture to provide a hygienic, cool and inviting sleeping surface. Available in various fabrics and in all sizes from single to emperor (and bespoke sizes too), this mattress offers comfort to those who appreciate a soft yet supportive feel.

Baronet Superb

This mattress brings together all of Vispring’s classic ingredients. Refined natural fillings in the Baronet Superb offer excellent resilience and distinctive support, while wicking away moisture for a cool night’s sleep. The perfect choice for somebody looking for an overall firmer feel.


This indulgent, cosy and supple mattress is upholstered exclusively in Platinum Certified British fleece wool. The Devonshire is a remarkably resilient mattress able to regain and retain its form in the face of repeated use. It quite simply offers pure luxury for years to come.

Herald Superb

The Herald Superb mattress provides excellent support and optimum ventilation. This is a fabulous mattress to invest in and will retain its look and support for years to come, delivering luxurious comfort with a firmer support.

Regal Superb

The Regal Superb mattress has a pronounced loft and voluptuously deep surface, which perfectly mirrors the shape of your body to ensure a superbly comfortable night’s rest. It provides an ideal combination of springiness, softness and support.


The Shetland mattress offers the distinctive luxurious quality of an all-wool bed. Warm in winter and cool in summer, this mattress combines sensuous softness with satisfying support. This is a truly superb mattress that will definitely enhance the quality of your sleep.


Featuring Devonshire wool and hand-teased horsetail, the Kingsbridge mattress offers wonderful springiness, a cosy traditional feel and an enveloping sense of comfort.

Tiara Superb

The traditional feeling deep upholstery of the Tiara Superb mattress produces an exquisitely voluptuous sensation. This is a supremely adaptable mattress suitable for partners of different stature wanting a luxurious, highly supportive bed.

Sublime Superb

The Sublime Superb mattress offers a reassuringly traditional feel, but with a luxurious note. Using a sophisticated blend of fillings, this mattress offers a firmer sensation, and provides comfort and support to a wide range of body types.

Traditional Bedstead

The Traditional Bedstead mattress has been designed specifically for slatted bases. Available in a choice of tensions and sizes, this mattress is an ideal introduction to the world of Vispring. Made with fine quality ticking and one row of pocket springs, this is a mattress offering seductive comfort for those who appreciate a softer yet supportive feel.

Bedstead Realm

The Bedstead Realm moulds itself to your body to guarantee a soothing night’s rest. This mattress has a voluptuously deep surface with the unique ability to regain and retain its form after repeated use. It’s traditional, soft and yet resilient.

Bedstead Supreme

The Bedstead Supreme offers excellent support and a reassuringly resilient sensation. Optimum ventilation is just one of the benefits from the fine natural fillings. This luxury mattress will retain its form and look for many years to come.

Bedstead Imperial

The Bedstead Imperial perfectly matches the shape of your body to give you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. The pronounced loft of natural fillings is what gives this mattress a voluptuously deep surface, offering superb springiness and support.

Bedstead Shetland

Enjoy the distinctive sensations and unrivalled quality of an all-wool bed with the Bedstead Shetland. Thanks to the unique springiness of Shetland wool this mattress offers sensuous softness and a satisfyingly supportive feel.

Vispring dreamy divans

Vispring have been making pocket sprung divans since 1932. Vispring uses slow grown Scandinavian softwood and hardwood to construct its timber divan frames. You won’t find an inch of particle board or MDF in a Vispring divan. All Vispring divan beds are fully sprung, hand-upholstered and offer edge to edge support. In combination with a Vispring mattress, these dreamy divans provide the ultimate sleeping experience.

Vispring headboards: the perfect partner to your Vispring bed

Vispring headboard

Vispring have an extensive range of contemporary, classic and traditional headboard designs in a timeless collection of sumptuous fabrics. Every headboard is handmade to order, and provides the perfect finishing touch to a luxurious Vispring divan and mattress.

Vispring adjustable beds

The Sapphire adjustable bed collection by Vispring uses modern technology to enable your bed and mattress to adapt effortlessly to your body. With a Vispring adjustable bed you are guaranteed the same comfort and support as any Vispring bed. The range offers four adjustable mattresses.

Recliner Elegance

The Recliner Elegance offers the distinctive luxury of an all-wool mattress, and includes wool from Vispring’s local Devonshire sheep. This is a mattress offering sensuous softness and reassuring support.

Recliner De Luxe

Incorporating all of the classic elements of a Vispring mattress, the Recliner De Luxe provides inch-perfect support, and natural fillings supply optimum ventilation to ensure a perfect night’s rest.

Recliner Superb

The Recliner Superb comes with a generous spring count, and precisely mirrors your body shape to give you a uniquely cosseted feel. Shetland wool fillings provide excellent insulation to keep you warm and cosy in winter and cool in summer.

Recliner Excellence

Offering exceptional softness and support, the Recliner Excellence is upholstered with a refined blend of fillings and incorporates two layers of pocket springs. This is a top-of-the-range mattress providing the ultimate in comfort and resilience.

We also offer the complete range of Vispring Mattress Toppers and accessories. Contact our specialist bed team now to turn your dream of a perfect night’s sleep into reality.

Posted by Charlotte Symondson
27th July 2019

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