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Top 5 Sofa Trends of 2023

Lose Yourself In Our Top 5 Sofa Trends For 2023


Take Inspiration From Nature

Incorporate the natural greens, beiges, and creams into your home décor to create a timeless, understated, space of tranquillity while improving wellbeing, health and productivity. Varying the shades within your colour palette will build layers in the room for a cosier atmosphere and enjoyable space to relax.

SITS Vera Sofa featuring high back cushions and a slender base, photographed in green fabric



Add Depth With Texture

Lack of texture can make a room feel flat. Add character with varying textures from cushions and blankets, or create depth through the main focal points such as the texture of your sofa. Stimulate the sense of touch with your choice of fabric from leathers, to velvets, to poodles and make a space that oozes personality.


SITS Alex Armchair featuring curved lines and slender legs, photographed in cream fabric



Embrace Your Roots Through Design

Simple and impactful. SITS draw upon their Scandinavian roots with slender legs and curved lines in designs, such as the Jenny, to create a sofa that represents them. Be inspired by your own interests customise your sofa to suit your unique style and individual home.

SITS Jenny Sofa featuring plush seat cushions and high legs, photographed in a light neutral fabric



Practical Yet Irresistably Comfortable

Who said practical can’t be luxurious? Choose a sofa or armchair model with the versatility to complement multiple styles of interior and sit comfortably in more than one room of the house, whether being used as a desk chair in the office or an armchair in the lounge.

SITS Amy Swivel Armchair, contemporary and practical, photographed in grey fabric


Versatile & Modular

Your home is one of those, among many others, that come in all different shapes and sizes. Choose a sofa model that is both versatile and modular allowing your sofa to complement the size and shape of your home perfectly.

SITS Brandon Sofa featuring a broad frame and deep cushions, photographed in a dark grey fabric


Which sofa style is for you?

Speak to our expert team today and see how we can help you transform your room with one of our stylish SITS sofas. As a SITS Sofa Stockist UK, we can supply anyone of their fabulous designs, even if you can't see it on our own site. Your design options are endless.

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Posted by Meg Lacklison
20th July 2023

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