Windsor Bed Linen

Invest in Timeless Luxury with the Windsor Bed Linen Collection

snuginteriors believes luxury goes beyond fleeting trends. It's about quality materials, meticulous attention to detail and the enduring appeal of traditional craftsmanship. The Windsor Bed Linen Collection embodies this philosophy, offering a touch of heritage for your bedroom sanctuary.

Italian Expertise Meets British Flair

The Windsor Collection features crisp, Italian-woven 100% Egyptian cotton percale, renowned for its breathability and cool, refreshing feel. This 200-thread-count fabric is woven with expertise in Italy, ensuring a luxurious level of quality. The Windsor Collection takes inspiration from classic British design, marrying timeless aesthetics with the finest materials.

Sophisticated Details for a Distinctive Look

Each piece in the Windsor Collection boasts a sophisticated design detail – a contrasting sateen appliqué band. This creates a striking visual element, showcasing the interplay between clean lines and bold colour. The set includes duvet covers (available in various sizes), Oxford pillowcases and decorative boudoir pillowcases, that pair perfectly with the Rest fitted sheet, allowing you to curate a truly luxurious sleep haven.

Peace of Mind with OEKO-TEX® Certification

At snuginteriors we prioritise your well-being; the Windsor Collection is crafted from OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics, ensuring textiles that are free from harmful substances. This certification signifies a low environmental impact and guarantees peace of mind for a healthy sleep environment.

Choose from a range of captivating colours, including Sage, Turmeric, Sable and Navy, to perfectly complement your bedroom décor.


Windsor Bed Linen SetWindsor Bed Linen Set
Windsor Bed Linen Set
Introducing the Windsor Bed Linen Set, where crisp Italian-woven 100% Egyptian Cotton Percale meets sophisticated design details. A sateen appliqué border decorates each piece in the set, creating a bold contrast of clean lines and striking colour. Available in a range of colours.   
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Windsor Boudoir Pillow CaseWindsor Boudoir Pillow Case
Windsor Boudoir Pillow Case
The Windsor Boudoir Pillowcases bring a touch of luxury to your bed with their plush sateen borders in a striking hue. This smooth texture combines with the crispness of a 100% Egyptian Cotton Percale, woven and finished in Italy for a high level of craftsmanship. 
RRP £22.95
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Windsor Duvet CoverWindsor Duvet Cover
Windsor Duvet Cover
The Windsor Duvet Cover is woven and finished in Italy from the finest 100% Egyptian Cotton Percale for the perfect blend of crisp, smooth comfort and breathability. It features an appliqué border in a luxurious sateen that offers both a bold pop of colour and a neat tailored finish.
RRP From £185.00
from £148.00
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Windsor Oxford Pillow CaseWindsor Oxford Pillow Case
Windsor Oxford Pillow Case
Indulge in a touch of opulence with the Windsor Oxford Pillowcase. A 100% Egyptian Cotton Percale, woven and finished in Italy for crisp coolness is complemented by a slim, Oxford border in a luxurious sateen fabric. Crafted with OEKO-TEX®-certified materials, the Windsor Oxford Pillowcase elevates your sleep experience while keeping your environment toxin-free.
RRP From £35.00
from £28.00
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Rest - Fitted Sheet
Rest - Fitted Sheet
Experience a new level of comfort with the Rest Fitted Sheet. Meticulously crafted from the finest Italian-woven 100% Egyptian cotton, immerse yourself in a luxurious 200 thread count that is soft and smooth to touch.
RRP From £62.00
from £50.00
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