Which Vispring mattress is right for me? The Elite vs. The Traditional Beds

Vi-spring mattress - review

In this article we review the Vispring Elite Mattress and the Vispring Traditional Bedstead Mattress to determine which of these entry level Vispring mattresses is right for you.

The Vispring Elite Mattress and the Vispring Traditional Bedstead Mattress are very similar models at very similar price points, but there are a few key differences which will change the overall feel and comfort level of the mattress depending on your existing base, body weight and preference.  Understanding these differences will ensure you choose the best Vispring mattress to suit you.

The Vispring Elite Mattress forms part of the core Vispring range, and when bought as a complete bed is partnered with the Vispring Deluxe Divan Base for ultimate comfort.  Whilst the Vispring Traditional Bedstead Mattress has been designed for slatted bases and bed frames.

The Construction:

Both the Vispring Elite Mattress and the Vispring Traditional Bedstead Mattress are handmade in the UK and have the same luxury British craftsmanship and engineering that is used across the complete Vispring range.  Testament to this excellent quality, all of Vispring beds and mattresses carry a 30 year guarantee against any faulty craftsmanship, so you can sleep comfortably at night knowing you have invested in a highly supportive mattress.

These two mattresses feature exactly the same vanadium steel pocket spring unit and again the same natural layers of bonded Platinum Certified British fleece wool and cotton.  The mattresses are completed with the finest Belgian Damask ticking, are hand tufted and have two rows of genuine hand side stitching for reinforced support at the borders.

The key specification difference:

The key specification difference is that the Vispring Traditional Bedstead Mattress has a wool spring protector layer built in to either side of the pocket springs.  This provides an extra internal layer to protect the upholstery and pocket springs from the wear and tear of a slatted base.  By having this additional layer in the mattress, the Vispring Traditional Bedstead Mattress comes up overall a firmer feel than the Vispring Elite Mattress, despite having the same pocket springs and choice of soft, medium and firm tension levels.

It is important to know that you can put any Vispring mattress on to a slatted base, it does not have to be a model from their Bedstead Collection, but bear in mind, any pocket spring mattress you put on to a slatted base will come up firmer than a mattress on a sprung divan base, so it is important when you are trying a mattress in a showroom that you take note of the divan base type that is being used.  If you fail to take this into account, you may not get the same comfort when you put your new mattress on to your existing divan base.

So, if any Vispring mattress can go on to a slatted base, should I choose the Vispring Elite Mattress or the Vispring Traditional Bedstead Mattress?

The answer is this – if you are looking for a slightly softer comfort level with the same excellent support, opt of the Vispring Elite Mattress as this will nestle around your body slightly more than the Vispring Traditional Bedstead Mattress.  If you are a lighter frame, you will find that the extra suppleness moulds to your body shape more giving greater comfort to your joints.

If you prefer an overall firmer feel, and are putting the mattress on to a slatted base, then opt for the Vispring Traditional Bedstead Mattress.

If you have an existing pocket spring divan base, opt for the Vispring Elite Mattress, as you will not need the built in wool spring protector pad.

Lastly, any pocket sprung mattress being put on to a slatted base would greatly benefit from using the Vispring mattress pad for slatted bases.  This is a tough, all wool (so highly breathable) layer that attaches to the slatted base and provides added protection to your pocket spring mattress from the wear and tear of the slatted base; be it from the gaps in the slats (which should be no more than 6-8cm), small splinters which can come off the slats or even moisture, undetected to the eye, in the slatted base.

We hope this Vispring mattress review has been helpful.  If you have any further questions, or would like to discuss your selection in greater detail, we are on hand to help.  Simply call us on 01730 894754 or visit our Hampshire showroom.

Best wishes,

The snug team

Posted by Charlotte Symondson
21st August 2019

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