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Best Mattress for Hip and Back Pain - What To Consider When Choosing a Mattress for Hip and Back Pain

Hip and back pain can be irritating and disturb the sleep we value so deeply.

We all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep: improved concentration, a healthy mind and body, a strong immune system, reduced stress levels and plenty of other factors that help us function happily and healthily during the day.

So, when our sleep is being disrupted from aches and pains, we need to find a practical solution to help us sleep comfortably all night long.

That’s why we’ve put together an essential guide for choosing the best mattress for hip and back pain.

Sufferers of hip and back pain can use our tips to find the best mattress that will make your body feel as good as new every time you wake up.

Best Mattress for Hip and Back Pain feature

Best Mattress for Hip and Back Pain

The first aspect of choosing the right mattress for hip and back pain is to remember that everyone is different. Our bodies are unique so what is right for one person will be different for someone else.

As bed experts we can help you find the right mattress for your needs and comfort levels. We like to bust a common myth: a firm mattress is good for a bad back. Actually, there are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a mattress to help with hip and back pain.

We’ve collected the eight best pieces of advice that we discuss with our customers when they ask us what mattress they need to sleep on to help with their hip and back pain.

Invest in pocket springs feature

1. Invest in pocket springs

A pocket spring mattress offers unrivalled support compared to other mattresses. Luxury brands such as Vispring and Hypnos are pioneers in the pocket spring world and can deliver bespoke mattresses which is perfect for anyone with specific sleep needs.

  • Pocket springs are designed to perfectly contour the body
  • They offer head to toe support so you can feel the effects on your entire body
  • Each individual spring adapts according to the weight it receives

Like any component, high quality springs will deliver better support. Beware of manufacturers or retailers offering a high quantity of springs; this does not always mean higher quality or improved support.

Proper spine alignment feature

2. Proper spine alignment

Sleeping on your back is the best position for improving hip and back pain as it allows you to practice proper spine alignment.

  • Relieves pressure points
  • Evenly distributes weight throughout your body
  • Avoids unnatural or unnecessary curves in your spine

Bear in mind that as well as having the right mattress, choosing the best pillows will also help, particularly when dealing with back pain. We recently wrote an invaluable blog post with advice on how to choose the perfect pillow for any sleep requirement so be sure to have a read.

Consider your body weight feature

3. Consider your body weight

Everybody is unique and our body weight is crucial for decisions on the best mattress for hip and back pain.

  • A heavy frame will benefit from a heavier gauge (width of the wire used) spring tension i.e. a firm mattress. The springs will be thicker and able to sustain a heavier weight therefore offering the best support.
  • Choosing the correct mattress for your body weight will help with proper spine alignment.
  • A lighter person who suffers from a bad back is unlikely to need a firm mattress. A softer spring will help a light person’s body engage properly with the spring and get the support it needs.

If a couple shares the bed, it is important to consider the different weights and shapes of both people, however, depending on the mattress size you are choosing and whether or not a combination tension is available, you will need to be guided by the weight of the heavier person.

A mattress topper can always be added if the lighter person then requires more softness.

Indulge in comfort feature

4. Indulge in comfort

Don’t be put off in opting for comfort as well as good support. Many people believe cushioning may be bad for their back but this isn’t the case.

  • First, choose the correct level of support you need to ease your hip and back pain (choose the right tension for your body weight) and to continue supporting you for many years.
  • Then, add comfortable upholstery layers for softness and cushioning

Most high quality mattresses are great at offering both support and comfort. Manufacturers will fill their mattresses with natural materials such as wool and cotton.

By investing in a luxury brand mattress these natural fillings will be 100% British, sustainably sourced and offer sumptuous comfort. Whilst you’re benefiting from superior support. It’s a win-win!

Size of mattress feature

5. Size of mattress

This is important. A larger mattress is undoubtedly better so if you have the space opt for a larger size. Why?

  • More space allows room for movement
  • Less restriction
  • Able to relax more which is important for a restorative night’s sleep

A couple who sleeps in a double bed is giving each individual a cot size width of space to sleep in. This is less than a single size bed for a child.

As bed experts, we advise couples to try out king, super king and emperor mattresses in our showroom, especially if they need to address any hip or back pain.

Natural Filling feature

6. Natural fillings

Further to our mention of natural fillings offering cushioning to a mattress, the use of natural materials has many benefits.

  • Wool and other natural materials create flow and breathability. The mattress won’t retain moisture so it establishes a more hygienic sleep surface.
  • Air flow also means the mattress stays cool helping your body to regulate its temperature and therefore sleep more soundly.

Other options like natural latex are excellent for mattresses as they are very supportive and anti-allergenic.

Check out your bed feature

7. Check out your bed

Before you invest in a new mattress that you’ve picked out to specifically help your hip and back pain, take a look at the base you are going to place it on.

  • Make sure there is no evident sagging
  • Your mattress must be placed on a flat surface
  • Ask: does the base offer additional support, as this will help enormously.

A pocket sprung divan base will deliver the best support and comfort as it works in unison with your mattress.

A slatted base or solid platform top won’t offer extra support so you will only be helped by your mattress.

Your Body Your Preference feature

8. Your body, your preference

Our last piece of advice to our customers when we’re choosing the best mattress for hip and back pain is to listen to what your body needs and consider your personal preference.

When it comes to sleeping you know what you prefer and what you find comfortable. This is why we suggest trying before you buy. Our Hampshire based showroom is the perfect place to feel what you prefer and to speak to our knowledgeable team about the right fit for you. If you can’t visit us in store, please feel free to call our expert team, who will be more than happy to guide you through our range over the phone.

The snug team’s mattress selections

To help you even further, we’ve compiled a selection of our mattress recommendations for firm, medium and soft tensions. These mattresses are the most popular choices from the different ranges we offer.

If you want any more advice on these mattresses please call us or visit our showroom and our expert team can help you.

Most Popular Firm Mattresses

Hypnos Orthos Origins 6 Mattress

This mattress is ideal for those who prefer firm support while they sleep. It is made with 1000 ReActive™ 6-turn pocket springs which have been compressed to deliver a strong tension spring gauge.

This innovative pocket spring technology is highly resilient and prevents you from sinking into the mattress, providing reliable edge-to-edge support and an even distribution of weight.

It brings ultimate comfort to your sleep space from 4.2kg of British wool (from Red Tractor assured farms) which enhances that cushioning feel and allows the mattress to breathe.

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Hypnos Orthos Origins 9 Mattress

This luxury mattress is firm and supportive with advanced support from its high tension and innovative 1600 ReActive™ 9-turn pocket springs.

The extra-firm and highly resilient pocket spring unit distributes weight evenly for a neutral spine position and prevents you from sinking into the mattress.

Its sumptuously soft layers of British wool (6kg) from Red Tractor assured farms provides a cushioned feel and natural breathability.

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Vispring Baronet Superb Mattress

This mattress is made with 1,326 honeycomb nested Vanadium steel pocket springs which fully contour and support the body.

These pocket springs move independently to conform to body shape, relieve pressure and prevent body roll.

It is covered with soft layers of hand tufted and blended British wool and cotton for a breathable sleeping surface that naturally wicks away moisture.

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Most Popular Medium Mattresses

Hypnos Wool Origins 8 Mattress

This mattress offers luxurious support and comfort. With a natural wool filling that will bring a restorative night’s sleep.

It features the Hypnos’ ReActivePro 8-turn pocket springs to contour to individual body shapes for constant support and comfort. This highly responsive pocket spring system will promote proper spine alignment for a deep sleep.

It includes 16.3kg of British wool that is both moisture and heat regulating.

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Vispring Elite Mattress

This mattress offers comfort to last a lifetime. It has a blend of luxurious wool and cotton fillings to wick away moisture and improve the quality of your sleep.

It features 1,254 Vanadium steel pocket springs to contour to each individual body type and shape.

Each responsive spring is individually hand-nested in its own fabric for proper spinal alignment.

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Vispring Herald Superb Mattress

This mattress offers luxury spring support technology. With an incredible 1,476 Vanadium steel pocket springs, this is a highly responsive mattress.

Each spring is hand-nested in calico nests to respond to your every move. This high-quality support will add or release tension at the right points for proper spinal alignment and ultimate comfort.

The combination of British fleece wool, horsehair and cotton ensures luxurious comfort and support.

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Most Popular Soft Mattresses

Hypnos Wool Origins 6 Mattress

This mattress provides total body comfort. It features the signature Hypnos 6-turn ReActivePro pocket springs helping you achieve a great night’s sleep.

The high-tech springs will contour your body for proper spinal alignment and comfort.

It is filled with 16.3kg of British wool that is soft and springy and will wick away moisture to regulate air flow and temperature.

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Vispring Devonshire Mattress

This mattress is the perfect choice for a cosy-feel with 100% wool fillings to wick away moisture and regulate temperature.

It offers an enhanced night’s sleep with 1,326 hand-nested calico pocket springs. The latest sleep technologies offer generous support and extra durability.

The hand-tufted wool filling creates an in-built breathable system that offers the perfect sleep environment for your body.

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Vispring Shetland Mattress

This luxurious mattress is filled with Shetland wool, exclusive to Vispring. The all-natural filling with hand-tied tufts and twine offers exceptional comfort.

The 1,720 hand-nested calico pocket springs are designed to contour your body and adjust the pressure when needed.

This is a superbly soft yet supportive mattress and the deep layers of pure Shetland wool will regulate your body temperature for a restorative night’s sleep.

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Find The Best Mattress for Hip and Back Pain

Choosing the right mattress will either relieve hip or back pain or, even better, prevent it from happening in the first place.

We aren’t medical experts but we do pride ourselves on knowing how to match our customers to the right bed or mattress. Contact us today and we can help you achieve a comfortable sleep for many years.

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Posted by Charlotte Symondson
21st October 2022

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