Hypnos Legacy Origins Mattress Collection

Hypnos Legacy Origins Mattress Collection

Embrace a new era of restorative sleep with the Hypnos Legacy Origins Mattress Collection. This curated selection of six handcrafted mattresses offers a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge sleep technology, ensuring a restful slumber experience.

Each Legacy mattress is a celebration of Hypnos' 120-year history and commitment to quality. Hand-stitched with three rows of genuine side-stitching, they exude timeless elegance and meticulous attention to detail. Sustainability is a cornerstone of the Hypnos philosophy, and the Legacy collection reflects this with traceable British wool certified by the Responsible Wool Standard, responsibly sourced plant-based fibres and protective eco-packaging derived from plants.

Unveiling a Spectrum of Comfort

The Legacy collection caters to diverse sleep preferences, featuring six distinct mattresses: Legacy I, Legacy II, Legacy III, Legacy IV, Legacy V and Legacy VI. These vary in their pocket spring configurations, ranging from the ReActivePro™ 6-turn system to the brand’s innovative ReActivePro Duo™ 10-turn system. Regardless of your choice, you'll experience exceptional pressure relief and tailored support thanks to Triple Edge Protection™, ensuring stability and edge-to-edge comfort.

Woven From Nature’s Best

Hypnos is renowned for its use of premium, natural materials. The Legacy mattresses offer a choice of fillings, including pure British wool, known for its breathability, temperature regulation and hypoallergenic properties, and eOlus™ fibres made from recycled water bottles. You’ll also find the brand’s innovative blend of responsibly sourced Himalayan Allo, Kapok and Cotton. This award-winning combination provides excellent moisture control, silk-like softness and natural sustainability.

Introducing the Revolutionary ReActivePro™ Duo

The top two models in the collection, Legacy IV and Legacy VI, showcase the innovative ReActivePro™ Duo pocket spring system. This double-layer system features lighter-weight springs with over 10 turns, each engaging independently to offer exceptional support and a graduated feel. This innovative technology ensures perfect alignment and pressure relief, allowing you to sink into blissful sleep.

Hypnos Legacy I MattressHypnos Legacy I Mattress
Hypnos Legacy I Mattress
The Hypnos Legacy I Mattress is a timeless investment in your well-being, offering a luxurious medium to medium-soft sleep experience that cradles the body from head to toe. ReActivePro™ 6-turn pocket springs combine with layers of certified British wool, responsibly sourced cotton and recycled eOlus™ to offer a supportive yet yielding surface that relieves pressure and aids a restful slumber.
RRP From £1411.00
from £985.00
King for a Double
Hypnos Legacy II MattressHypnos Legacy II Mattress
Hypnos Legacy II Mattress
Feel supported from head to toe with the Legacy II Mattress by Hypnos. With an overall medium feel, ReActivePro™ 7-turn pocket springs respond to your every move, offering optimal spine alignment and pressure-point relief. This advanced spring system combines with layers of natural and sustainably sourced fibres, ensuring your mattress is a cool and breathable haven for a restful night’s sleep.
RRP From £1639.00
from £1,140.00
King for a Double
Hypnos Legacy III MattressHypnos Legacy III Mattress
Hypnos Legacy III Mattress
The Hypnos Legacy III Mattress, the firmest within the Legacy collection, is eco-conscious luxury at its finest. At its core, ReActivePro™ 8-turn pocket springs flex and react to your shape for constant comfort throughout the night, whichever position you sleep in. Responsibly sourced natural fibres form its deep outer layers, creating a supportive sleep experience that prioritises both your well-being and the planet’s
RRP From £1982.00
from £1,380.00
King for a Double
Hypnos Legacy IV MattressHypnos Legacy IV Mattress
Hypnos Legacy IV Mattress
The Hypnos Legacy IV Mattress harnesses over 20kg of certified British wool to form six deep layers of cushioning, creating a luxurious sleep surface that serves as a natural temperature regulator. Together with the brand’s ReActivePro™ 9-turn pocket springs, this sophisticated duo provides responsive medium to medium-firm support to relieve pressure points and aid a restful night’s sleep.
RRP From £2381.00
from £1,660.00
King for a Double
Hypnos Legacy V MattressHypnos Legacy V Mattress
Hypnos Legacy V Mattress
The Hypnos Legacy V Mattress is perfect for those who prefer softer support and a sumptuous feel. At the heart of this luxury mattress lies the revolutionary DUO ReActivePro™ 10-turn pocket springs, a double-layer system that dynamically reacts to your every move. The result is a graduated feel of cushioned support and a light, cloud-like softness. Responsibly sourced British wool and Adaptiv™ comfort springs enclose the dual layer, ensuring a cool and serene sleep environment night after night.
RRP From £2554.00
from £1,785.00
King for a Double
Hypnos Legacy VI MattressHypnos Legacy VI Mattress
Hypnos Legacy VI Mattress
The Hypnos Legacy VI Mattress harnesses the brand’s ReActivePro Duo™ 10-turn pocket springs, an advanced double-layer spring system that enhances full-body support. Together with layers of British wool and responsive Talalay latex, this innovative spring network makes the Legacy VI perfect for those who prefer a softer, more sumptuous sleep surface. Your mattress is supported by three rows of firmer-tension springs around the border, ensuring it retains edge-to-edge stability.
RRP From £2782.00
from £1,940.00
King for a Double