Top 5 Bedroom Trends for 2023

The latest Bedroom Trends to have you snuggling down in comfort

Bedroom trends for 2023 are, quite rightly, focused on bringing wellness and mindfulness into the room. Think spa-inspired design (aka peace!) and we promise you, you won’t go far wrong.

It’s all about creating a calm and restful space encouraging us to spend more time relaxing in the bedroom and taking some time out for ourselves. Head up early and leave chores outside of the room. No longer is it simply a place to sleep. Create time in your own personal space to indulge in.

Our Top 5 Trends:


1. Go Natural & Sustainable

Not only in composition but also in look. Opt for natural or nature inspired colours and layer texture for a gloriously luxurious, understated style. With a monochrome colour palette, where you pick a single colour or varying tones of that colour, you can create a serene and cosy space, which will have you longing to head back to bed.


2. Pops of Colour vs. Colour Drenching

Quite the opposite of trend no. 1 and not for the faint hearted, we are seeing some bold colours come into the room, creating positive energy. Be as playful as you dare - go cautiously and add a bright accent chair or go wild and drench the room in colour. Pastel colours will create an airy and fresh atmosphere, whilst rich colours will be inviting and sumptuous.


3. Add Style Without Space

Statement headboards are fantastic for adding drama and decoration to the room without taking up footprint. For that very reason they work surprisingly well for both large and smaller bedrooms. You can create headboard walls with clever paneling. Start with your headboard as the centrepiece, just be sure to measure up and check access (both to, and in, the room) before your heart is set.


4. Bedroom Trends Are Not Just About Beds

As we spend more time relaxing in our rooms, we see a move from a functional bedroom chair to more cosy styles with generous proportions, such as snugglers or small sofas, with plenty of curves to soften the look. This is a trend for larger rooms that is certain to add luxury and elegance, whilst undoubtedly delivering on wellness.


5. Embrace Maximalism

For those done with minimalism, fast forward to the other extreme and inject personality to the room with a bold array of colours, prints, tones and shapes layered to create an over-the-top space.


Which style is for you?

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Posted by Charlotte Symondson
5th May 2023

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