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Bedroom Colour Trends 2022

Autumn is well underway and we’re sure many of you are enjoying some respite from the searing heat of summer 2022.

Autumn is a time for reflection. As the nights draw in, it’s time to turn our attention homeward. Are there any areas of your life that feel cluttered and in need of refreshing? Spring isn’t the only time of year to introduce fresh ideas into your home. By working on a new home project in autumn, you can revitalise your space (and mind) in time for the winter.

Winter starts with festive celebration; parties at home and visits from family and friends, followed swiftly by a long period of curling up on the sofa with blankets and long weekend lie-ins.

So, why not use autumn to create a bedroom that will make the winter ultra satisfying?

In this article, we’re going to bring you this season’s on trend bedroom colours so you can easily put together your own bedroom colour palette ideas.

Changing colour palettes in your bedroom can transform the atmosphere of the space, ensuring you enjoy it throughout the year.

Read our ideas for the best bedroom colour trends and colour palette ideas then view our gallery for more bedroom colour inspiration.

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Bedroom Colour Palette Ideas

Bedroom Colour Palette Ideas

Be Inspired by Nature

Mother Nature herself offers the best colour combinations. Take the colour green for example. Green is a great colour for creating a natural aesthetic which could be valuable for our mental wellbeing.

Nature lovers, and anyone wanting an authentic feel in their bedroom, will find green is the perfect colour for achieving a natural look.

Try pairing green with the colour brown. You can achieve an authentic look by bringing the outside in as these two colours quite literally have their roots in nature. Design a space that recreates the natural world and will provide peace and tranquillity as well as a lush and vibrant look.

Green can be used as a neutral colour. Use pale, pastel or muted greens as the base colour and you’ll have an excellent foundation for pale pinks, rustic oranges and reddish brown colours to pop against. Muted pinks will also look stunning with a subtle green.

Or how about a moody look for your bedroom? Try emerald green for a bold statement! Go for sophistication by pairing an emerald green accent wall with black accents or add neon signs or beautiful sculpture art to a dark and vibrant emerald green wall.

Other ways to work green into your bedroom colour palette:

  • Use plants. Plants make a great companion to green walls or even a green accent wall or any part of the room that uses green colour. Plants will add more life and vitality to your bedroom.
  • You could also try a fun green wallpaper. Floral wallpapers are a great way of bringing the outside in. Or a green geometric pattern will add more colour and personality to your bedroom. This is a great choice if you want to experiment with different designs, either by covering an accent wall or your entire bedroom.
  • Add green curtains. Green is versatile and a wonderful shade to bring to your bedroom, however you decide to include it. Green curtains will bring a relaxing vibe to your gorgeous oasis.

Earthy Tones feature

Energise with earthy tones

Mother Nature strikes again! Earthy tones like orange-red colours are energising and will help you get up in the morning. Turn to the earth itself to add rich and textured colour, creating a cosy space to relax in.

Where can you find inspiration for earthy colours? Look outside - think rough logs, natural tones and minerals from the ground. Other ideas are terracotta, mossy greens and pale grey blues. All these colours will feel grounding, calm and help you feel ready for the day.

Rich colours like orange-red, rust and other earthy shades work best on bedding, rugs and curtains. Pair with a neutral wall colour like cream or taupe for balance, warmth and depth.

One of the best ways to introduce a soft, earthy tone to your bedroom is to use exposed brick. This suits a modern bedroom where you can leave the brick wall untouched and contrast with neutral or grey bedding for subtle layering.

Delicate materials like silk and lace won’t work well in this bedroom but materials such as rattan are perfect. It can support an earthy palette by adding a subtle nod of warm brown. Natural and neutral materials, perhaps used as a lampshade or other soft furnishings, complete an earthy bedroom look.

Other ways to work earthy tones into your bedroom colour palette:

  • For a rustic bedroom look, consider textured walls. Textured paints like limewash paint, concrete plaster and terracotta walls, bring the outside in with all its natural beauty. Textured paints that look like rough earth will add movement to the room with their imperfect surfaces. To make your space cosy, add deep-pile rugs in muted tones that you can sink your toes into.
  • Wallpaper is a great way to introduce texture into your bedroom. An earthy wallpaper will add warmth, colour and even pattern to create the feeling of an elegant, cosy retreat.
  • If an all-rustic room feels too soft and you want to add some sparkle then create a lovely mix-match look by adding metallic tones.
  • Add bronze door knobs, copper wall plates or gold metal light fixtures for a glam bedroom that still maintains depth and sophistication.

Blue Tones feature

Calm your space with blue

Although green and earthy-tones will help you feel grounded, perhaps you desire a bedroom colour palette that brings total serenity and calmness. Blue is a beautiful colour that will soothe your soul yet still feels sophisticated.

There are plenty of ways blue will create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. Try a dark accent wall, headboard, cushions or cupboard then balance the walls and ceiling with a lighter tone to help the room feel airy.

Blue has a wide variety of shades, all invoking ideas of sea and sky. From pale dusky blues, tranquil teals, coastal navy and inky-blue blacks, blue colours will create a restful bedroom.

How you use blue depends on your space. If you have high ceilings and windows that let in plenty of light, you can be bold with dark blue walls, balanced with modern pale pink or grey accents. If you have a small space that requires an airy feel, you can create a palette of aquamarine or dusky bluebell for a more muted theme.

Blue lends itself well to the rustic theme. Wood colours contrast gorgeously with shades of blue. For example, pair wooden furniture with sky-blue bed linen and plump white pillows.

Other ways to work blue into your bedroom colour palette:

  • It isn’t compulsory to paint your ceiling white. Instead, try a night-sky blue to make you feel like you’re in a soothing sanctuary.
  • Add a seascape wallpaper. Drift off to sleep surrounded by rolling waves. Choose a wallpaper that will make a statement but is also gentle enough to add a tranquil vibe. For the perfect calming coastal look, add driftwood furniture and blue fabrics.
  • Other blue shades include gemstone colours such as turquoise and emerald. Don’t be afraid to strike out with these colours even in a small space.
  • Try adding a sumptuous turquoise wallpaper to one wall, paint the rest of the walls in a neutral shade of blue and decorate with green and blue items.

Stunning Bedroom Colour Palette feature

Create Stunning Bedroom Colour Palette Ideas

We hope our tips on how to use this season’s bedroom colour trends have sparked some wonderful ideas and you can create a comfortable, peaceful and stylish bedroom this autumn.

When it comes to accent colours, your bed can bring pops of colour to your space. At snuginteriors, we have a range of divan beds, bed frames and headboards, all of which can be customised to match your preferred style.

If you’re interested in speaking to us about our luxury range of bed products then give us a call or visit our showroom. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you find the right items for your bedroom.

Posted by Charlotte Symondson
14th October 2022

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