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How To Choose The Best Mattress For Your Spare Room

Have you ever spent the night at a relative’s house and experienced a restless night’s sleep? Maybe it was because of your friend’s thunderous snoring from the next room, or perhaps, it was due to a night of tossing and turning on an uncomfortable mattress?

Does this ring a bell? If so, you know how important it is to make your guests feel comfortable in your home. The right mattress can determine whether they’ll come again.

Is it time to refresh your spare room? If this involves looking for the best mattress for your spare room, then we can help. We have a variety of luxury and comfortable mattresses that your guests will fall in love with.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For The Spare Room

We’ve compiled our top tips for choosing the best mattress for your spare room. Read on for an in-depth look at our recommendation.

Top Tips For Finding The Perfect Spare Room Mattress

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1. Who’s coming to stay?

Ultimately, the most important question is who is going to sleep on the mattress? The type of mattress you need depends on the preferences and needs of your guests. Who stays over frequently? Do they have any special conditions or needs? Do they suffer from joint pain, mobility issues or allergies? What is the body type of your guests and how do they like to sleep?

Of course, it can be hard to predict who will sleep on the mattress AND find a mattress that will suit a variety of common needs. If this is the case, it is best to choose a versatile mattress that suits varying needs.

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2. Try to satisfy everyone

Leading on smoothly from tip number 1, try to choose a mattress that will appeal to a wide variety of individuals. The most high-tech and latest model may not be the best choice when trying to make your guests comfortable. Many mattresses are designed to alleviate certain issues like back pain, or are targeted for certain sleeping positions, but the best mattress for your spare room will be one that suits the majority of your guests.

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3. What’s your budget?

The amount of money you spend on a spare room mattress depends on one question: how often do guests stay overnight? If it’s only once or twice a year, you may not want to spend a lot of money. However, if you regularly entertain overnight guests, you may want to consider investing in a mattress that is long-lasting.

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4. Go with a generous guarantee

If you’re investing in a high-quality, luxury mattress for your spare room, then ensure you have a long-term guarantee with it. At snuginteriors we offer 10-30 year guarantees with our mattresses to give you peace of mind.

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Basic Tips for Choosing a New Mattress

As bed experts for over two decades, we have the best advice for choosing a mattress.

Our basic tips are relevant when choosing a mattress for your spare room as well as one for yourself.

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Mattress Type

There are various types of mattresses in the market, from traditional open coil, to memory foam, latex and pocket spring mattresses.

From our many years of experience, taking into account factors such as comfort, support, longevity, craftsmanship and hygiene, our preference are pocket spring mattresses.

Here’s why:
Luxury pocket spring mattresses will give your guests full body support using high quality, and durable, individual pocket springs that are nested in different pockets. Each spring responds independently and according to the pressure it receives, ensuring maximum support as they gently adapt to the body’s contours.

This is great if you are hosting a couple. The pocket springs aren’t affected by your partner’s movements, which results in a less disturbed sleep.

All our pocket spring mattresses are available in a range of tensions to suit a variety of body types and sleep preferences. A medium tension will be a great all-rounder for guests.

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Mattress Fillings

When choosing a new mattress, whether it’s for your guests or yourself, it’s important to choose one with high-quality and sustainably-sourced materials. Read on to find out about natural fibres and natural latex.

Natural fibres: Our British made mattresses are filled with the best natural materials, that have been sourced with nature’s welfare in mind.

  • Vispring mattresses use generous quantities of pure 100% British fleece wool that has been sourced ethically and works in harmony with your body to provide the most luxurious sleep surface.
  • If you choose a Hypnos mattress, you’re investing in a brand that has a ground-breaking, industry-first, exclusive partnership with Red Tractor. Their wool can be traced right back to the source at Red Tractor assured farms. Their cotton is also ethically sourced. Using the Better Cotton Initiative and CottonConnect Partnerships, Hypnos provide more traceable and responsibly farmed materials, whilst helping to support cotton farmers, their communities and the environment. Hypnos also include eOlus™ fibres made from recycled plastic bottles which offer resilient body support whilst allowing air and moisture to pass through the materials easily. Unlike warm synthetic foam, eOlus™ fibres create a breathable layer that doesn’t retain heat or sweat but still has a soft foam-like feeling for optimum comfort.

Natural latex: formed from a white, milky liquid (also known as sap) which is collected from rubber tree plantations, natural latex is a highly resilient product that instantly recovers its shape once pressure is relieved, making it an excellent component for mattresses as it perfectly adapts to the body’s contours.

Not only does it give a wonderful cradling sensation, it is also very supportive and has anti-allergenic properties. When combined with pocket springs it gives a lovely, luxurious soft finish.

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Body Type and Preferences

It is important to consider your guest’s body type when choosing the perfect support level and tension for your mattress. In fact, it’s so important, let us quickly bust a common myth:

“A firmer mattress is best for my back.” Actually, what is right for your back is finding the correct level of support for your body weight and the right upholstery to nestle around your joints.

Generally, a heavier frame suits a firmer mattress. This is because the gauge (width of the wire used) of the spring is thicker and is built to sustain heavier weights. A lighter frame needs a softer spring so that the body’s weight can properly engage the spring and get the support it really needs. If a spring is too firm for the body’s weight, the person will just be lying on top of the mattress and not getting the full benefit. Additional softness can come from the upholstery, with different combinations and depths of upholstery adding further to the softness.

A correctly supporting mattress will see your spine lying straight. If the mattress is too soft, your spine will bow downwards. If it is too firm, it will bow upwards. In both states, pressure is being added to your body.

If a couple shares the bed, it is important to consider the different weights and shapes of both people, however, depending on the mattress size you are choosing and whether or not a combination tension is available, you will need to be guided by the weight of the heavier person. A mattress topper can always be added if the lighter person then requires more softness.


It’s important to buy from a brand or retailer whose mattress production shows their commitment towards sustainability, eco-friendly methods and who serve their local communities well. Ask the following questions while you’re browsing:

  1. Is the mattress made with sustainably sourced, natural materials? We believe they should be free from foam, plastics, glue and other chemicals. Can the mattress be recycled once it’s reached the end of use?
    Using natural materials ensures a soft, hypo-allergenic and breathable sleep experience, taking care of your body’s needs night after night.
  2. Are the materials local and/or ethically sourced? Is it important to you that the materials come from British farmers, so you know you’re supporting local business? Many of our mattresses support the British farming community; we know the wool has been grown responsibly, the animals are looked after, and the land is well-managed.
  3. Is the brand involved in charitable work? What actions are they taking to improve the lives of people across the UK and the world, and the health of the planet?

British Craftsmanship

The brands we partner with at snuginteriors offer luxury, British design and production. Our manufacturers have been perfecting their craftsmanship over many years and offer excellent product guarantees (from 10 to 30 years) to reinforce their durability and long-lasting design. Look for models that incorporate genuine hand side stitching for a beautifully traditional tailored feel and extra support at the mattress borders.

Attention to side stitching means firmer support at the edge of the bed. These mattresses fit around the body’s contours offering deep support. Hypnos, for example, include chrome vents for breathability and hand-finished wool tufts to secure the mattress fillings and prevent them going lumpy.

This British approach to mattress ingenuity will guarantee your guests bliss and comfort in all the years they use your new mattress.

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The Perfect Spare Room Mattress


Cottons Origins 8 Mattress by Hypnos

Designed for absolute luxury, the Cotton Origins 8 is a beautifully considered 8-turn pocket sprung mattress. With thick layers of traceable British wool to help regulate body temperature naturally and a layer of soft cotton, the Cotton Origins 8 combines comfort with an innovative pocket spring system.

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Posted by Charlotte Symondson
15th September 2022

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