What is a zip and link bed and why choose one?

Vispring Devonshire Zip & Link Divan Bed

Zip and link beds are commonly used in the hotel industry because they offer flexibility between single and twin bed options. The bed base can be set up as two singles or joined together with a simple linking bar to create a king or super-king size.

A zip and link mattress is quite simply two mattresses zipped together to create one larger mattress, usually a super king size, and can be used on a standard super king base or a zip and link bed base. It allows each mattress to have differing tensions (level of support) enabling couples to sleep comfortably together with a mattress that is best suited to their individual needs.

What are the benefits?

Zip and link mattresses are perfect for couples with different comfort preferences or with notably different body weights. The zip and link system enables couples to choose a mattress with a level of firmness to suit individual preferences, making it perfect for those with wildly different sleeping requirements. It’s an ideal solution for couples requiring opposing support, such as a firm tension spring and a soft one.

An additional benefit of the zip and link mattress is for homes where access to the bedroom is tricky. Narrow staircases or tight turns, for example, can make it difficult to manoeuvre a king, super king or emperor bed or mattress. Zip and link beds and mattresses can be separated for delivery and put together when in the bedroom. Having two zipped mattresses, rather than a large one piece mattress, also makes it far easier to turn the mattresses on a regular basis, which is beneficial for the long term care of many pocket spring mattresses.

The zip and link bed base is extremely practical for guest rooms because the bed can easily be separated and turned into two singles as required.

Do you feel the zippers?

No. The zippers are situated on the sides at both the top and bottom of the mattress, but is under the seam on the edge of the mattress. When zipped together the seams fold over the zipper.

Do you notice the join in the mattress?

It does not tend to be a problem for couples as they commonly gravitate to the centre of their half of the mattress, but if you were to sleep directly on the join, yes you might notice it, but if you find this problematic, it can easily be remedied by the use of a one piece mattress topper. Of course, a mattress topper also provides additional comfort, support and protection.

What about a headboard?

For zip and link beds, if you require the beds to be separated, you will need to select 2 single headboards (pair of 75cm (2’6), pair of 90cm (3’) or pair of 100cm (3’3)). If however you are buying the zip and link bed simply for access or turning reasons and you do not intend to separate the beds, you can opt for a one-piece headboard the same size as the overall width of the linked divan base so that it looks like one bed.

If you do opt for 2 individual headboards, you will need to be mindful of the headboard design when separated and then again when they are side by side together.

Why choose a zip and link bed or mattress?

The main reasons you may wish to choose a zip and link bed or mattress are:

  • Very different body weights between you and your partner
  • Different sleeping positions and comfort requirements
  • The ability to turn a king, super king or emperor bed into 2 singles
  • Increase the lifespan of a super king bed (as the centre of the bed has 2 inside walls from each mattress, it is much more robust)
  • Makes turning the mattress easier (further prolonging the life of the mattress)
  • Easier to deliver and manoeuvre in tight spaces

If you would like to know more about zip and link beds or zip and link mattresses call one of our bed experts or visit our showroom. We can help you decide which bed and mattress is best suited to you and your partner to ensure you both get the best night’s sleep ever.

Posted by Charlotte Symondson
4th February 2020

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