The Vispring Herald Superb Bed vs. The Vispring Regal Superb Bed

Which Vispring Mattress is right for me?

In this article, we review the Vispring Herald Superb Divan Bed versus the Vispring Regal Superb Divan Bed to determine which of these luxury Vispring beds and mattresses are right for you.  

As the retailer, you might be thinking that we’d want to sell you the most expensive Vispring Bed, that's certainly not the case because the most expensive option isn't necessarily the best choice for every customer. We are only in business to sell something that is right for our customers – you can see this from our happy customers’ reviews.

The Vispring Regal Superb Mattress and the Vispring Herald Superb Mattress are partnered with the same Vispring Prestige Divan Base to form the complete bed in both models. You can buy these mattresses separately and put on an existing bed or slatted base. However, for the ultimate experience, we’d recommend purchasing both the mattress and the divan base, as a set (which is the most cost-effective option), as they work in unison to deliver the overall comfort and support. 

If you have tried either of these models in the showroom, they are displayed on the Vispring Prestige Divan Base, so you would be getting that exact feel at home, whereas if you only buy the mattress, the feel of the bed will be altered by the type of bed base you have at home.

Both of these Vispring beds can be customised to look exactly the same - from the height of the Vispring Divan Base (choosing between a shallow, low or deep divan) through to the fabric, storage and leg choices. So what is essential is actually choosing the correct specification mattress, making sure you are getting the very best comfort and support for your body.  

With British manufacturer Vispring, known for the finest handmade beds in the world - the details are in the 'ingredients' or in other words, the Vispring-made vanadium steel pocket springs together with the luxurious natural materials form the core of the Vispring mattresses.  

When both models look the same, it can be hard to know which model is right for you. Yes, you can read the specification, but you’d need a bed expert to interpret how this specification will feel for you. To do that, we'll also go through details about your body shape and weight.

The Construction:

The Prestige Divan Base is handmade with a long-lasting solid timber frame that carries FSC accreditation guaranteeing sustainability and traceability. The pocket spring divan base features 950 vanadium steel pocket springs (in the king-size) and a deep layer of natural coir and blended Platinum Certified British fleece wool and cotton.  

The Vispring Prestige is a highly supportive divan base, known as one of the most superior and luxury divan bases in the market. The quality of the Vispring-made pocket springs, the large volume of hand-filled natural materials and the use of solid hardwood timber as opposed to softwood make the Vispring Divan Bases unique in the market. 

All Vispring divan bases have matching Vispring headboards available in a wide range of colours. You can complete your desired look by purchasing separately a Vispring Headboard.

vispring herald superb bed in grey with white bedding

This supportive foundation is then paired with one of the following Vispring mattresses:

The Vispring Herald Superb Mattress features 1,476 pocket springs (in the king-size) with deep layers of bonded British fleece wool and cotton sandwiching a layer of responsive horsehair and is completed with two rows of hand-side stitching.

The Vispring Regal Superb Mattress features 1,720 pocket springs (in the king-size) with sumptuous layers of bonded British fleece wool and cotton, South American long-stranded horsetail, and real Shetland wool (unique to Vispring), and is completed with three rows of hand-side stitching.

As with the entire Vispring range, the Vispring Herald Superb Mattress and the Vispring Regal Superb Mattress, carry a 30-year guarantee against any faulty craftsmanship reassuring you of the excellent quality and craftsmanship.


So what is the difference in feel between the Vispring Regal Superb and the Vispring Herald Superb? Which mattress should I choose?

The Vispring Regal Superb Mattress provides a higher specification. Without a doubt, this mattress delivers a genuinely sumptuous and luxury feel. The diameter of the pocket spring in the Vispring Regal Superb Mattress is narrower than in the Vispring Herald Superb Mattress (48mm versus 51mm), meaning more pocket springs are engaging with your body, delivering a higher level of contoured support. There is also a softer combination of luxurious upholstery fillings, giving it an overall more refined and responsive feel. So, it is the perfect choice for somebody looking for a softer mattress, where they want to feel supported with soft upholstery nestling around them.

Customers that are opting for the Vispring Herald Superb Mattress, regardless of the price tag, would be drawn to this model for the overall firmer sensation. Again, a highly supportive mattress with excellent all-natural materials, the combination of ingredients is designed for the person who wants luxury without too much softness or, in other words, a luxury firm bed. It is still a conscious luxury choice, but it would better suit the person who wants to lie more on top of the mattress rather than those that want to nestle in.

It would be a particular favourite Vispring mattress for stockier or heavier builds who like to feel a good substance beneath them, versus a lighter frame who wants more comfort nestling around their joints.

As with all Vispring mattresses, the models are available in soft, medium and firm tensions. The Vispring mattress tensions are designed to match the body weight of the customer. By choosing the correct tension for your bodyweight, you will get the correct level of support for your body to ensure a restful and recuperating night’s sleep! 

With over 25 years’ experience in matching people with the right beds, we can help you to understand the overall feel and benefits of all Vispring beds and mattresses models so you can make the right selection. 

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Posted by Charlotte Symondson
7th April 2020

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