SITS Edda Sofa Collection

SITS Edda Sofa Collection

Unwind in Modern Grandeur

Embrace a new era of relaxation with the SITS Edda Sofa Collection. From expansive lounge havens to intimate gathering spaces, Edda offers a versatile collection of sofas tailored to your unique vision.

Each Edda piece is characterised by bold lines and a low, grounded silhouette that lends a modern air to your living space. Enjoy the deep, inviting seats, available in two distinct comfort levels: standard offers a firmer support, ideal for those who prefer a structured feel, while Lux delivers a softer embrace, enhanced with the addition of a feather filling. Wide, inviting armrests further elevate the sense of cosiness, beckoning you to curl up and stay a while.

The true magic of Edda lies in its modular design. Each piece acts as a building block, allowing you to configure the sofa to seamlessly integrate with your space and needs. Whether you envision a sprawling corner configuration or a cosy three-seater with a chaise, Edda can transform your living area into a personalised haven. Expand your comfort with additional elements like chaise longues, corner modules and even an integrated coffee table for ultimate convenience.

Crafted with Care, Designed for You

Edda sofas are upholstered in a wide range of beautiful and durable fabrics, from the plush softness of velvet to the crisp elegance of linen. Its coffee table is available in three stunning wood finishes: natural oak, sleek black and rich walnut.

Sustainability is at the heart of the SITS philosophy, and Edda is crafted with eco-friendly materials and FSC-certified wood, ensuring you can feel good about your choice.

 Please see the  SITS Edda product card to view all available dimensions and configurations.

SITS Edda Set 1 SofaSITS Edda Set 1 Sofa
SITS Edda Set 1 Sofa
Indulge in the freedom and comfort of the SITS Edda Set 1 Sofa. Inspired by modern urban living, this modular system lets you craft your ideal relaxation space with countless configuration options. Edda’s low profile and broad armrests are an invitation to relax, while discreet feet give the sofa its grounded, relaxed appearance. Customise your design with the brand’s luxurious fabric options, from sumptuously soft chenille to plush velvet.
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from £3,616.00
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SITS Edda Set 2 Chaise SofaSITS Edda Set 2 Chaise Sofa
SITS Edda Set 2 Chaise Sofa
The SITS Edda Set 2 Chaise Sofa is a modern masterpiece, defined by bold lines and an expansive silhouette. Its plush cushions are cradled by a contemporary low-profile frame, while wide armrests offer both support and an air of laid-back luxury. Deep seating and a luxurious chaise beckon relaxation, inviting you to sink in and savour the comfort. Edda embodies the essence of modern living: unpretentious, inviting and designed for pure indulgence.
RRP From £4195.00
from £3,985.00
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SITS Edda Set 4 Chaise SofaSITS Edda Set 4 Chaise Sofa
SITS Edda Set 4 Chaise Sofa
The Edda Set 4 Chaise Sofa by SITS is a bold statement of contemporary luxury. Its expansive modular design invites you to break free from convention and craft a living space that reflects your unique vision. Sit into deep, plush seats, embraced by wide armrests that exude an air of laid-back luxury. The generously sized chaise longue stretches out, inviting pure indulgence, while the modular design allows you to configure the sofa to perfectly suit your space and needs. Personalise your design with a myriad of fabric options, from plush velvets to textured boucles.  
RRP From £4706.00
from £4,471.00
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SITS Edda Set 3 Chaise SofaSITS Edda Set 3 Chaise Sofa
SITS Edda Set 3 Chaise Sofa
Modern grandeur meets high function with the SITS Edda Set 3 Chaise Sofa. This contemporary masterpiece is a captivating blend of bold lines, expansive comfort and built-in convenience, featuring an integrated coffee table, nestled between the seat and chaise. Deep seats, wide armrests and a broad chaise invite pure relaxation, while a myriad of fabric options let you create your dream piece.
RRP From £5119.00
from £4,863.00
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