Hypnos Legacy Origins Divan Bed Collection

Hypnos Legacy Origins Divan Bed Collection

Celebrate 120 years of sleep innovation with the Hypnos Legacy Origins Divan Bed Collection 

For over a century, Hypnos has been weaving sleep dreams into reality. Now, as we celebrate 120 years of craftsmanship and sleep expertise, we unveil the Hypnos Legacy Origins Divan Bed Collection: a testament to the brand’s heritage and a gateway to your personalised sleep sanctuary. This curated selection of six handcrafted divan beds transcends the ordinary, offering not just exquisite comfort but a canvas for you to design your ideal sleep haven.

With over 50 stunning fabric options, ranging from plush velvets to textured wools, and a variety of wooden or metal leg styles, you can design a divan that reflects your personality. For added functionality, choose from optional storage solutions including drawers, hideaway options or even a spacious ottoman to keep your bedroom clutter-free.

The Perfect Duet: Mattress and Divan in Harmony

Crafted in tandem with your chosen divan, each Legacy mattress unlocks its full potential. From breathable British wool in Legacy I to the revolutionary ReActivePro™ Duo in Legacy VI, each offers distinct comfort. The expertly designed divan, whether platform top for firmness or sprung for added support, seamlessly integrates, enhancing the performance and longevity of your mattress. Together, they create a symphony of personalised sleep.

Sustainability Meets Uncompromising Quality

The Hypnos Legacy collection is deeply rooted in responsible practices. Crafted using FSC®-certified timber and upholstered by skilled artisans, each divan base is not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious. Furthermore, every mattress and divan base boasts a 10-year guarantee and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life, ensuring peace of mind and a commitment to a sustainable future.

Comfort Tailored to You

Choose from two divan base types: deep divan for a traditional look with ample storage or shallow divan for a contemporary feel. Opt for a platform top for a firm feel or a sprung divan base for additional support and comfort. Customise the level of support with pocket springs for individualised contouring or open coil springs for a more budget-friendly option.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Complete your sleep sanctuary with a Hypnos headboard, available to buy separately in a range of styles and fabrics to complement your design vision. Choose from Euro Slim, Strutted or Shallow styles to create a truly cohesive and sophisticated ensemble.


Hypnos Legacy I Divan BedHypnos Legacy I Divan Bed
Hypnos Legacy I Divan Bed
The Legacy I Divan Bed, with an overall medium to medium-soft feel, celebrates Hypnos’ 120-year legacy in bedmaking. Sleep soundly knowing your bed has been consciously crafted with traceable British wool, recycled fibres and non-toxic finishes, along with the brand’s body-supporting ReActivePro™ 6-turn pocket springs for advanced pressure relief. Choose from a selection of hand-crafted divan base options, each upholstered in the finest materials, to fully tailor your bed to your needs.
RRP From £1775.00
from £1,240.00
King for a Double
Super King for a King
Hypnos Legacy II Divan BedHypnos Legacy II Divan Bed
Hypnos Legacy II Divan Bed
Elevate your sleep experience with the Hypnos Legacy II Divan Bed. This handcrafted design, with an overall medium feel, features 7-turn ReActivePro™ pocket springs and layers of sustainable cotton, British wool and recycled eOlus™, transforming your bed into a haven of personalised comfort. Customise the look and function of your bed with a selection of fabrics, styles and in-base storage solutions.
RRP From £2003.00
from £1,395.00
King for a Double
Super King for a King
Hypnos Legacy III Divan BedHypnos Legacy III Divan Bed
Hypnos Legacy III Divan Bed
The Hypnos Legacy III Divan Bed, the firmest within the Legacy Origins Collection, is a consciously crafted design that’s engineered for deep, rejuvenating sleep. At its core, ReActivePro™ 8-turn pocket springs support your every move, offering optimal spine alignment and pressure-relieving bliss. Deep layers of responsibly sourced, natural fibres enclose the spring system to create a plush sleep haven that prioritises your well-being as well as the planet’s.
RRP From £2346.00
from £1,635.00
King for a Double
Super King for a King
Hypnos Legacy IV Divan BedHypnos Legacy IV Divan Bed
Hypnos Legacy IV Divan Bed
Sleep soundly on the Hypnos Legacy IV Divan Bed, a consciously crafted design that celebrates the brand’s 120-year legacy in luxury bed making. ReActivePro™ 9-turn pocket springs blend with deep layers of certified British wool to create a responsive medium to medium-firm sleep surface that cushions every contour of your body. With 50 fabric options and a choice of divan styles, leg options and storage, you can fully customise your bed to suit your needs.
RRP From £2744.00
from £1,915.00
King for a Double
Super King for a King
Hypnos Legacy V Divan BedHypnos Legacy V Divan Bed
Hypnos Legacy V Divan Bed
Hypnos presents the Legacy V Divan Bed, with advanced DUO ReActivePro™ 10-turn pocket springs and layers of responsibly sourced British wool, the sumptuous bed provides unparalleled support and adaptability to individual body contours, all while leaving a lighter footprint on the planet. Discover a wide range of divan styles, fabrics and storage options to fully customise your design.
RRP From £2917.00
from £2,035.00
King for a Double
Super King for a King
Hypnos Legacy VI Divan BedHypnos Legacy VI Divan Bed
Hypnos Legacy VI Divan Bed
The Hypnos Legacy VI Divan Bed embraces the brand’s commitment to mindful living, crafted with soft, sumputous layers of British wool and natural Talalay latex. The true engine behind its unparalleled comfort is ReActivePro Duo™ 10-turn pocket springs – a revolutionary double-layer system that responds to your every move. Designed to work in harmony with the matching divan base, the Legacy IV offers a bespoke sleep experience.
RRP From £3145.00
from £2,195.00
King for a Double
Super King for a King