Handmade in Britain

We are particularly fond of products that have been handmade in Britain.  It means that they have been created with skill, attention and care. So we’re very proud of our exclusive beds, mattresses and upholstered furniture that have been handmade in Britain using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship to create high quality, durable products with an exceptional level of comfort.  They’re even tailored to your own taste, whether it be the fabric choice or comfort level.  We’ve tested all of our beds and mattresses (and believe us, thousands more too) to ensure we are delivering the very best in comfort and at the most honest of prices.  As an independent company we select the brands and manufacturers who uphold our same philosophy when it comes to quality and service.

We’re proud to support our British manufacturers and by doing so, we have a close relationship ensuring we are able to make special requests (within manufacturing capabilities) for our customers and can guarantee the same level of quality is adhered to time and time again.  It also means the average delivery lead-time is kept to a minimum as we have no lengthy shipping or custom delays to contend with.  All of which benefit our customers!  So if you can relax and sleep comfortably, we can too.