Can a new mattress actually improve sleep?


Low quality, uncomfortable mattresses are notorious as being the culprit for a poor night’s rest. As are old mattresses which have passed their prime. A poor mattress can hinder sleep quality and many people just don’t realise that an old mattress could be the cause of their restless nights.

If sleep deprivation is getting you down, it could be time to change your mattress. But before you make the leap from one uncomfortable night’s sleep to another, think carefully about the next mattress you buy.

The three biggest mistakes people make when buying a mattress is not to do proper research, to under invest and not to try the mattress out before buying. Purchase a cheap mattress from an online store and you could be asking for more sleepless nights.

A decent mattress should last you around 8-10 years, so it warrants a pretty serious investment. Think about it. We spend much less of our time in our car but are happy to shell out considerable sums to drive ourselves around. As we spend pretty much a third of our lives sleeping, it makes perfect sense to invest in a mattress, especially since it could make the difference between a horrible night tossing and turning or happy zzzzs.

But, be aware that price tag isn’t necessarily synonymous with supreme comfort. As well as brand, there are several factors to consider when buying a mattress, including:

  • Type (open coil spring, pocket spring, memory foam, latex foam, pillow-top and hybrid)
  • Upholstery (from natural, breathable fillings to synthetic, hypoallergenic fillings)
  • Size (small single, single, small double, double, kingsize or super kingsize)
  • Quality of pocket springs; the engine to your mattress
  • Tension (Soft, medium or firm)
  • Allergens
  • You and your partner’s body weight and shape
  • Your existing divan bed base or slatted frame

An expensive firm mattress won’t improve your sleep if you are too light for the mattress or prefer to sleep on something softer. Spend some time looking for the right type of mattress to suit you. Go to a showroom and try out some mattresses before you buy.

If possible visit a bed specialist for a few hours, so you can spend adequate time trying different mattress brands and get a sense of the level of firmness that feels most comfortable to you. For advice on choosing the right bed, check out our Bed & Mattress Buying Guide here.

It is possible to buy a mattress that has different levels of firmness on each side if you and your partner have markedly different comfort requirements. Both Hypnos and Vispring custom make combination and zipped mattresses with dual tension levels.

The difficulty in evaluating the outcomes of new mattresses and better sleep is the fact that comfort is so subjective. Luxury bed and mattress manufacturer Vispring, for example, offer 58 different spring types and four different tensions (soft, medium, firm and extra firm).

As well as your mattress, there are plenty of other things that may be affecting your sleep. The base of your bed needs to offer adequate support for your mattress. Invest in good quality bed linen. Your bedroom environment should be at the right temperature. Avoid having digital equipment such as TVs, phones and computers in the bedroom. Black-out blinds are a good idea to prevent being woken too early on light summer days. And ensure your bedroom is free from clutter.

So, can a new mattress actually improve sleep? Yes, so long as it is the right one for you! See our next blog post for more tips on how to get a good night’s sleep.

Posted by Charlotte Symondson
13th July 2019

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