7 Tips for getting to sleep in the summer heatwave


Let’s start by saying we love this gorgeous weather. But, also let’s face the facts; we Brits just aren’t prepared for working and sleeping through a heatwave. The benefits of the prolonged spell of sunny weather are many, but if you don’t have air conditioning, it’s likely you are spending days and nights melting.

The UK has seen soaring temperatures in recent weeks thanks to an unprecedented heatwave on the Iberian peninsula. It’s affecting productivity at work and it’s interfering with our sleep. If the hot weather is preventing you from getting a proper night’s rest, here are 7 ways you can try to cool down:

1 – Use cotton bedding

Having the right type of bedding can help considerably in keeping you cool in bed. Invest in high quality lightweight cotton linens for your bed, as they are breathable and won’t contribute as much to making you feel hot and sticky, like other synthetic materials do. Ditch the duvet if your bedroom is baking and just use a cotton sheet instead.

2 – Stay hydrated

It’s really important that you stay hydrated throughout the day during a heatwave. We lose a lot of water and electrolytes through sweat. Dehydration can cause headaches and contribute to sleeplessness.

3 – Take a tepid shower before bed-time

Forget about a hot bath in this weather. A tepid shower before getting into bed will cool you down and ensure you don’t start the night feeling hot and sticky.

4 – Keep bedroom curtains closed during the day

As much as it feels wrong to keep curtains closed on a bright sunny day, keeping the glare of the sun out of your bedroom will help to keep it cooler. Also, if your bedroom is generally cooler than outside, it’s a good idea to keep the windows closed during the day, otherwise you’ll be letting the heat in.

5 – Turn off all electrical items in the bedroom

Electrical items emit heat. It’s a no-brainer to keep anything emitting heat out of the bedroom. Every little helps in keeping the temperature down.

6 – Buy a fan! (and ear-plugs)

If the heat in your bedroom is unbearable, it is worth investing in a fan. While a little noisy, a fan will help to cool you down. You can always buy some ear-plugs if you can’t cope with the noise. Try putting a tray of ice-cubes in front of the fan for a cooler breeze.

7 – Cold compresses

Putting an ice-pack or a flannel that has been in the freezer for 10 minutes on pulse points can be a really nice way to cool down when you get into bed. A hot water bottle filled with iced water is also a good idea and will cool you and your bed down.

Posted by Iconography Ltd
14th August 2019

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