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Vispring Mattress & Divan Sets

Hand-crafted with precision, Vispring delivers unparalleled luxury and expert craftmanship with manufacturing techniques that have been refined over a century.

What sets Vispring apart is that each mattress is made using all-natural, ethically-sourced materials of the highest quality such as British fleece wool and cotton, needle-teased horsehair and bamboo.

These premium materials have been thoughtfully combined with unique vanadium steel pocket springs, intelligently designed to ensure optimal airflow and temperature regulation for additional breathability and support throughout the night.

Paired with a beautifully designed divan set, Vispring beds offer a harmonious blend of style and comfort, and thanks to the meticulous approach to their manufacturing process, these products can be completely recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Providing a customisable sleep surface that adapts effortlessly to your body, with Vispring, you can rest easy knowing that every aspect of your sleep experience has been taken care of.

Which Vispring Mattress Is Right For Me?

Investing in a high-quality mattress can provide long-term benefits such as improved sleep quality and well-being, therefore choosing the right mattress is an important decision that relies greatly on personal preference.

Drawing upon our expertise, we can assist you in discovering the Vispring mattress that best suits your needs and requirements. 

Here are some factors to consider when selecting the perfect Vispring mattress:


Comfort Level

Vispring offers four spring tensions to suit different statures from soft, medium, firm and extra firm. 

It is recommended to consider your sleeping style when selecting the most suitable mattress for your needs, with the option to merge two tensions for each side of your bed, which is an ideal choice for couples. 

Our Vispring collection encompasses a wide range of sizes, including the popular Vispring King Size Mattress and our best-selling Vispring Super King Mattress.


Assess your body’s support needs by selecting the appropriate mattress tension to suit your body weight, body type and any specific areas that require extra support, such as your lower back or shoulders. 

Vispring mattresses are designed to promote proper alignment, featuring an advanced system of pocket springs that work independently to provide varying degrees of support and responsiveness. 


Vispring is committed to the ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials, ensuring their mattresses meet the standards of environmental responsibility.

Evaluate the benefits of each material to choose the one that aligns with your preferences and sensitivities.

British fleece wool contributes to its temperature-regulating properties, while horsehair is incorporated for its resilience and ability to provide excellent ventilation, helping to maintain a fresh sleep environment. 

Recliner Superb Close

Our Top 3 Vispring Mattresses

Vispring Regal Superb MattressVispring Regal Superb Mattress
from £3,390.00
Save 20%
Vispring Herald Superb MattressVispring Herald Superb Mattress
from £2,065.00
Save 20%

Vispring Devonshire MattressVispring Devonshire Mattress
from £1,720.00
Save 20%

Our sleep specialists can provide valuable guidance and recommendations based on your specific needs.

With over 25 years of experience selling Vispring beds and mattresses, we can help you understand each mattress’s features and benefits, allowing you to make an informed decision, and ensuring a blissful night’s sleep for years to come.


Vispring Divan Beds & Vispring Divan Bases

Vispring beds are designed to complement Vispring mattresses, creating a cohesive and supportive sleep system, with Vispring divan bases serving as a sturdy foundation for the mattress, ensuring stability and durability.

Divan Leg


Crafted from northern European soft and hardwood, Vispring’s divan beds feature a solid timber frame derived from FSC-certified forests with a vast selection of luxurious fabrics and leg options to choose from.

Vispring supplies a range of divan bed options, from traditional upholstered deep divans with storage to modern shallow divan bases on legs that can be specifically tailored to your taste.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Vispring divan beds provide practical space-saving advantages, offering ample storage options from spacious drawers to ottoman-style lifting mechanisms.

Once you have selected your Vispring divan bed, style it with a beautiful Vispring headboard in a matching fabric, dress the bed with Vispring pillows, or preserve its quality with a Vispring mattress protector.


The Ultimate Luxury Mattress Brand


Unlock the power of a deep, restorative sleep with Snug Interiors' selection of Vispring Mattresses and Vispring Divan Beds which are guaranteed for 30 years. 



Our mattress shop has one of the largest displays of Vispring handmade mattresses with various models available to try in a range of tensions. As a leading independent Vispring retailer, with a highly experienced team to help you choose the right Vispring to suit you, why not visit our large Hampshire showroom or shop online.

Our Top 3 Vispring Divan Bases

Vispring Wool De Luxe Divan BaseVispring Wool De Luxe Divan Base
from £910.00
Save 20%
Vispring Prestige Divan BaseVispring Prestige Divan Base
from £1,230.00
Save 20%

Vispring De Luxe Divan BaseVispring De Luxe Divan Base
from £870.00
Save 20%

Posted by Amy Moore
14th July 2023

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