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Our Top Luxury Divan Beds for 2022

Our awareness of our health and wellbeing has never been more prominent. In a post-pandemic world, 2022 seems to be the year we’ve begun to truly value how we feel day to day and how our lifestyle affects our health.

Today, we fully understand the importance of sleep to our overall health and wellbeing. Our brain carries out many important functions during sleep, affecting our physical and mental state the following day. It touches every aspect of our health from immunity to our metabolism to our general mood.

At snuginteriors, the wellbeing of our clients, community and planet is at the heart of what we do, so we’ve committed to offering the most comfortable, most sustainable and - with a touch of luxury for added bliss - high-quality beds to our customers.

Optimum sleep starts with finding the right bed. If your foundation is solid, then you can rest easy, knowing you’re supported and comfortable as you drift off into dreamland.

Keep reading as we explain what aspects you should consider when buying a new luxury divan bed, to ensure you obtain the best night’s sleep. Towards the end of the post, we’ll guide you to our top luxury divan beds for this year, all available here on our website and in our snug showroom.

We also explain why we work with luxury bed brands like Vispring and Hypnos; their commitment to sustainable bed making, recycling and using natural materials are factors we believe to be essential when selecting a new luxury divan bed.

Quality Products for Quality Sleep feature

Quality Products for Quality Sleep

A bed made from high-quality components will set you up for a great night’s sleep for years to come. Here are three points to consider when purchasing a new luxury divan bed:

British Craftmanship icon

1. British Craftsmanship

The brands we partner with at snuginteriors offer luxury, British design and production. These award-winning British manufacturers are well-known for their heritage, craftsmanship and exceptional quality. By working with British brands, we’re able to make special requests for our customers (within manufacturing capabilities).

Our luxury divan beds are made using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship to create high-quality, durable products with an exceptional level of comfort, and they come with up to 30 year’s product guarantee for your peace of mind.

Natural Materials icon

2. Natural Materials

A great night’s sleep comes from a bed using the best materials nature has to offer. As well as ensuring your mattress consists of natural, breathable materials, your new luxury divan bed should be built from high-quality timber. Keep reading to learn how our partner brands use only sustainable timber in their bed frames.

Mattress Tension icon

3. Mattress Tension

Allow us to move off topic for a mere moment because we really do want to offer you the best advice. When purchasing a mattress, try to remember that “the firmer the better” is a myth.

Mattress tension comes down to two factors: your body weight and shape, and what is truly comfortable for you. Generally, a heavier frame suits a firmer mattress. This is because the gauge (width of the wire used) of the spring is thicker and can sustain heavier weights. Whilst for a lighter frame you need a mattress with a finer spring gauge so that your body is able to engage the springs and provide you with the support you need. What’s important is that your entire body feels supported and your spine is straight when you lie on the mattress.

Our experienced team can test this for you in our showroom to find the most comfortable mattress for you. They are also perfectly able to advise you over the phone should our showroom not be on your doorstep.

Choose Brands Who Value Sustainability

When choosing a new bed, it’s best to buy from a brand or retailer who is passionate about looking after our planet, ethical sourcing of materials and supporting their suppliers and local communities.

Not only will you be doing your part towards protecting the environment but you can also rest easy, knowing you’re sleeping on a high-quality product.

At snuginteriors we partner with two luxury sleep brands, Vispring and Hypnos. Both brands produce high-quality, handmade and bespoke beds and mattresses, and use natural materials that are long-lasting and comfortable.


Vispring Luxury Divan Beds and Mattresses

Vispring has been making hand-filled mattresses and luxury divan beds for 120 years using the softest, natural materials. Here’s why we love working with them:

Locally Sourced icon

1. Local, ethically sourced natural materials

Vispring purchases 78% of its materials from UK suppliers, including British farmers who supply 400 tonnes of British wool to Vispring every year.

Sustainably-sourced timber icon

2. Sustainably-sourced timber

Vispring uses slow grown Scandinavian softwood and hardwood to construct its timber frames, with no particle board or MDF. Every joint is glued and screwed for added strength and all timber has Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation, guaranteeing sustainability and traceability.

Recyclable Products icon

3. 100% Recyclable Products

Vispring products are 100% recyclable at the end of their lives due to their natural materials being fully biodegradable. The 30 year product guarantee supports the long-term use of Vispring luxury divan beds and mattresses - there’s no need to throw any part of your Vispring bed away once you no longer require it! Vispring is also in the process of replacing their polythene packaging with 100% recyclable and environmentally-friendly bags made of 30% recycled content.

Charitable Work icon

4. Charitable work with communities in need

Vispring works with Mission Without Borders, a charitable organisation who donate mattresses and beds to people in need across the UK and Eastern Europe.

Vispring Luxury Divan Beds feature

Vispring Luxury Divan Beds

High-quality beds! Here’s an overview of what Vispring can offer:

  • Brand new vanadium steel pocket springs - Vispring are pioneers of the pocket spring, producing these in-house since 1901
  • Strictly all natural materials - Vispring mattresses are free from plastics, polyester, foam and chemicals
  • Solid timber frame divan base using FSC certified materials - Northern European soft and hardwood from well-managed FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources
  • British craftsmanship
  • 30 year product guarantee

The Comfort Promise

Make your investment with the peace of mind that if you choose the wrong mattress tension, you have between 30 and 90 nights from the date of delivery to change the mattress tension (one up or one down from your original choice), to make sure you are entirely happy with your selection.


Vispring Devonshire Divan Bed

This luxury divan bed is an all wool model and is the perfect choice for softness with underlying support so the body is aligned, supported and cradled with comfort. It features generous fillings of hand-teased Platinum Certified Devonshire fleece wool, laid over thousands of honeycomb nested calico-pocketed Vanadium steel six coil springs to ensure a uniquely comfortable and luxurious sleep experience.

An overall soft bed that is available in soft, medium and firm tensions to suit your (and your partner’s) body weight.

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Vispring Regal Superb Divan Bed

This is a long-time favourite model of this prestigious brand. It is a luxurious choice combining a carefully judged blend of naturally springy long stranded horsetail. Platinum Certified British fleece wool, real Shetland wool and cotton to provide the perfect balance of springiness, softness and support, underpinned by Vispring’s unique hand-nested honeycomb pocket springs.

This luxury divan bed is supreme luxury with an overall soft/medium feel. It is available in soft, medium and firm tensions to suit your (and your partner’s) body weight.

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How It Works


    Choose your preferred Vispring model


    Tailor the bed to suit your style


    Once you’ve chosen your model and mattress tension, you can choose from a shallow, low or deep divan in the fabric of your choice.


    Combine with your preferred leg or foot style, add optional drawer storage or a Vispring headboard, and your bed purchase is complete!

Hypnos Luxury Divan Beds and Mattresses

Over the last 10 years, Hypnos has undergone a remarkable sustainability journey leading them to become the first carbon neutral bedmaker in the world. Here’s why we love working with them:

Locally Sourced icon

1. The first carbon neutral bedmaker in the world

They are the only bedmaker to have held the prestigious PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality standard since 2011, having offset a total of 10,294 tonnes of CO2e, including 744 tonnes in 2020/21 alone, via a variety of Gold Standard certified projects including planting trees in both the UK and Amazon rainforest.

Sustainably-sourced timber icon

2. Sustainably-sourced timber

All the timber in their divan bases are from sustainably managed forests that are both FSC® and PEFC™ compliant.

Recyclable Products icon

3. Ethically-sourced cotton

Using the Better Cotton Initiative and CottonConnect Partnerships, Hypnos provide more traceable and responsibly farmed materials, whilst helping to support cotton farmers, their communities and the environment.

Charitable Work icon

4. Unique relationship with Red Tractor

They also hold an industry-first, exclusive partnership with Red Tractor, meaning Hypnos use 100% British wool traceable to the farm. They make sure their wool has been grown responsibly, the animals have been looked after, and the land has been well managed. Also, they are supporting British farming communities for the future.

Charitable Work icon

5. Innovative recyclable packaging

Another industry first from Hypnos - they have created a recyclable, eco-friendly packaging solution for their beds and mattresses. Using sugar cane (a renewable and carbon dioxide depleting resource), when combined with recycled plastic, it helps those who use it to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Hypnos Luxury Divan Beds

Luxury bed making! Here’s an overview of what Hypnos can offer:

  • Sustainable & ethically sourced materials - using the Better Cotton Initiative and CottonConnect Partnerships and working with Red Tractor, Hypnos provide more traceable and responsibly farmed materials
  • Carbon neutral production
  • 100% recyclable from product to packaging, which uses an innovative production technique made from sugar cane
  • British craftsmanship
  • 10 year product guarantee
  • Royal Warrant - held since 1929


Wool Origins 10 Divan Base by Hypnos

Designed for absolute luxury, the Wool Origins 10 is a beautifully considered 10-turn pocket sprung mattress. With a smart, tailored look and layers of responsibly sourced materials, it includes 15.7kg of 100% British wool traceable to Red Tractor assured farms and a layer of natural and sustainable Talalay latex.

Paired with a Hypnos divan base will deliver a comfortable and regenerative night’s sleep, whilst also looking stylish.

Available in medium and firmer tensions, this is a turnable mattress.

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Cotton Origins 7 Divan Bed by Hypnos

Handcrafted and hand finished, these mattresses feature both wool and sustainably sourced cotton. The Cotton Origins 7 is a single sided no-turn mattress, so easy to maintain and including layers of soft cotton, a 7-turn ReActivePro™ pocket spring system and 100% British wool. A layer of hardy Swaledale wool cushions the springs to ensure mattress breathability.

This is a bed set that combines superior function and form.

The perfect choice for somebody looking for an overall soft feeling and a no turn mattress.

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Hypnos Orthos Origins 6 Divan Bed

Experience the advanced support of the Orthos Origins 6 mattress. With the highly resilient 1000 ReActive™ 6-turn pocket spring unit to prevent you from sinking into the mattress, the reliable edge-to-edge support will help with even weight distribution. It comes with 4.2kg of British wool, sourced from Red Tractor assured farms - the equivalent of 2 sheep fleeces - to offer a blissful night’s sleep.

Sleep-enhancing comfort and eco-consciousness go hand in hand with this bed set.

This is a firm choice with a turnable mattress.

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How It Works


    Pick your preferred mattress model


    Configure the bed to suit your style


    Choose your favourite divan base type and height, add in your chosen storage, preferred fabric, leg height, and a headboard, and your Hypnos bed will be on its way!

Time To Find Your Luxury Divan Bed

All our luxury divan beds are delivered straight to your room of choice. Our experienced delivery team will install your new bed and remove all the packaging. Leaving you to jump right in!

The team at snuginteriors are bed experts. We’re ready to invite you to our showroom and guide you to the perfect bed. Alternatively, pick up the phone and speak to us directly. By asking the right questions, we can determine the perfect bed to suit you (and your partner).

Visit us in our large showroom or please contact us at snuginteriors. We’ll be happy to help.

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Posted by Charlotte Symondson
28th August 2022

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