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The Secret To Recreating An Incredible Hotel Bed At Home

How often have you woken up in a hotel and felt incredibly well-rested? If you’re sleeping in top-quality places then you may have felt like this a lot - you may have even asked the staff where they buy their beds from!

Hotels spend considerable amounts of money on their beds, and while investing in high-quality beds is one of our top recommendations for a good night’s sleep, you can recreate a hotel bed by following our top tips. Plus, we offer our recommendations for the best and most luxurious sleep products on the market.

Replicating a hotel bed in your own home could be the most worthy investment you’ve ever made for your wellbeing, considering how much of your life you spend asleep.

To make your bed at home one of the best you’ve ever crawled into, don’t hesitate to turn our tips into a reality for your sleep space.

Mattress Toppers

Mattress Toppers

Add a layer of luxury to your existing mattress.

A mattress topper places extra softness between you and your mattress. To create an extra snuggly feeling, add this extra layer of support. The deep, breathable and soft layers of upholstery are designed to nestle around your body for a sumptuous cosy feel.

Our recommendations:


Dual Layer Mattress Topper by The Fine Bedding Company

Dual Layer Mattress Topper by
The Fine Bedding Company

This dual layer, synthetic and hypoallergenic mattress topper adds a soft cosy layer between you and your mattress with the added benefit of being able to unzip and machine wash the top layer, whilst the bottom layer stays perfectly in position on your mattress.

Find that cosy, hotel feel (at an excellent price) with this mattress topper as you combine practicality with comfort. This is also a great option for sprucing up a guest bed!


The Twin Topper by Brinkhaus

The Twin Topper by Brinkhaus

This beautifully soft and thick 2-part mattress topper is designed for people who want a luxurious, cosy, soft and snuggled down feeling when they get into bed.

The two parts separate into a top and bottom layer. The bottom layer is filled with new white European duck feathers and down and is held in place by four strong, wide elastic corner straps.

The top layer is filled with finest quality, soft, new white European goose down and fastens to the bottom layer by durable, nickel-free metal press studs. This layer also detaches and is machine washable.


Dual Layer Mattress Topper by The Fine Bedding Company

Vispring Heaven Luxury
Mattress Topper

This gets our highest recommendation.

This topper offers a deep layer of superb comfort and softness, perfect for somebody looking for a cosy, sumptuous feel.

The Vispring topper is generously filled with Platinum Certified British fleece wool, blended British wool and cotton, and is edged in contrasting tick.

Handmade in Plymouth by Vispring craftsmen, it contains the finest natural fibres, which are hypoallergenic and highly breathable, synonymous with the quality of Vispring beds.


Luxury Pillows

Improve your night’s sleep with the finer details.

A luxury pillow will guarantee that superior night’s sleep you often find in a hotel bed. Sink your head into something super soft, while our temperature regulating pillows offer outstanding sleep support.

Our recommendations:


Boutique Silk Pillow by The Fine Bedding Company

Boutique Silk Pillow by
The Fine Bedding Company

Excellent value and hypoallergenic, this luxury pillow combines Smartfil® fibres with pure, natural silk to give a medium-firm support pillow.

The soft 100% cotton cover allows optimum breathability whilst the textured jacquard design provides an elegant finish.

This pillow is guaranteed to help you find an indulgent hotel experience in the comfort of your own home.


Down Surround Pillow by Brinkhaus

Down Surround Pillow by Brinkhaus

A naturally filled pillow that features a plump feather and down core and a softer down surround outer casing that delivers softness as you lie down, and support as your head sinks into the pillow.

With three support options - soft, medium or firm - the pillow technology offers real softness and body support.


Perfect Duvets

Go the extra mile with a fluffy duvet.

Not only will a comfy duvet leave you feeling cosy and settled all night long, it will help you feel refreshed each morning as you make your bed up. Our collection of warm and lightweight, breathable duvets will bring you the perfect night’s sleep and a gorgeous hotel experience to your bedroom night after night.

Our recommendations:



Boutique Silk Duvet by
The Fine Bedding Company

Excellent value and hypoallergenic, this silk duvet is luxurious and washable. Combining pure, natural silk with Smartfil® sleep technology, it will deliver a heavenly hotel experience.

It is naturally non-allergenic and is covered in a soft 100% pure cotton cover with a smart jacquard design. Available in a 4.5, 10.5 and 13.5 tog rating to suit you and the climate throughout the year.


The Pearl Duvet by Brinkhaus

The Pearl Duvet by Brinkhaus

Filled with the finest natural Hungarian Goose Down, this very light duvet (with an 8 tog rating) provides medium warmth for all year round.

This box stitched duvet will be perfect for those looking for total flexibility in their duvet. It is part of a multiple-option duvet system.

Each duvet is fitted with strong, lightweight stainless nickel-free metal press studs, which can be clipped to other weight/tog duvets as the seasons change. It is superbly designed with the excellent drape that comes from using the finest Hungarian Goose Down filling and exquisite 100% Egyptian cotton batiste casing.


Intricate Bed Linen

Add understated elegance to your bed.

Complete the hotel bed look by adding a luxurious finishing touch with your bed linen. Once you’ve found a choice to complement your bedroom, you’re fully prepared to sleep as though you live in a glamorous hotel every day.

Our recommendations:


Brompton Bed Linen Set

Brompton Bed Linen Set

Made from the finest 100% Egyptian cotton, this bed linen has a luxurious 400 thread count and features three rows of elegant cording in a matching or contrasting colour to the bed linen.

The Egyptian combed cotton is woven and finished in Italy for a wonderful soft handle, making the sheets exquisite to sleep in. Like you’ve just woken up in Florence or Rome.


Be Inspired To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

The sense of tranquillity and relaxation people encounter in hotels is no coincidence. Hotel beds are designed to deliver a restful night’s sleep, so we hope our tips will help you achieve a luxury night’s sleep at home.

For more advice on how to create the perfect hotel bed and to find the right mattress toppers, bedding, bed linen for you, give us a call or visit our showroom and we’ll be happy to help. As bed experts for over two decades, we know exactly how to find the most suitable bed products for you.

Posted by Charlotte Symondson
28th July 2022

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