How To Choose The Right Duvet

At the time of writing, the UK and northern hemisphere is in the midst of summer; so keeping cool at night is high on people’s radar.

In 4 months' time, as the heat subsides, people will enjoy the warm thought of snuggling down for a cosy night’s sleep.

How do you achieve both states? A cool night’s sleep in the summer and a warm night’s sleep in the winter?

By choosing the right duvet.

As experts in all things beds and bedding, we’ve put together 4 areas you need to consider when buying a new duvet. Following on, we’ll explain which duvets we love from the bedding specialists that we partner with.

All our bedding products are available on our website so once you feel informed, browse our amazing products and dream of the sweet sleep you’re sure to have - no matter what the temperature is outside.

Don’t forget, we’re always available to chat if you have any further questions about choosing the right duvet.

Our Duvet Buying Guide

When you’re looking for a new duvet, there are 4 areas you need to consider.

Tog rating

How warm or cool do you want to be? Which season are you using this duvet in?


Do you want a natural fill or a synthetic one? Keep reading to find out the benefits of both!

Sustainable & ethical sourcing

Be picky and find out where your chosen brand sources their materials.

Duvet size

Finally, what size do you need? Super king or double? We can help with the measurements.

Let’s dive into each area in more depth then keep reading to find out our top duvets!

Tog rating

This is one of the key areas to consider when buying a duvet. It comes down to: how warm do you want to be?

As a rule, go for a lower tog rating in the warmer months and a higher tog in the cooler months.

A 4.5 tog is ideal for summer and a 10.5 - 13.5 tog is perfect for winter, depending on how warm you sleep, whether your home is single or double glazed, and whether you have the heating on at night.

If you’re after flexibility, or want to satisfy all your warmth needs in one purchase, then consider an all season option. These duvets are suitable all year round. They consist of 3-in-1 temperature control: allowing two separate duvets for warm or cool months, then joining them together for extra cold spells. This is a great choice for a versatile purchase that ticks several boxes.


There are two choices when it comes to the material that fills your duvet: synthetic or natural.

  • Synthetic fill - man-made materials are best for anyone who suffers from allergies such as rhinitis, asthma or eczema. As well as being non-allergenic, these duvets are also washable and utilise new technologies that offer light, thermally efficient and breathable fills.
  • Natural fill - if you or your family don’t suffer from allergies then synthetic fills are still great but you can also consider natural materials. Natural filled duvets feel soft and light, and are most commonly made from feather and down. They have natural thermal properties and are highly breathable.


It’s important to choose a duvet that is filled with materials that have been responsibly sourced.

We partner with Brinkhaus and The Fine Bedding Company and both have a commitment to sourcing materials that are high-quality and sustainable.

Brinkhaus products carry a DOWNPASS certificate which guarantees high-quality feather and down materials have been used in their production.

The Fine Bedding Company is the first bedding company in the UK to carry the prestigious Downpass seal, certifying that the products are of a guaranteed quality, responsibly and ethically sourced, and have incurred no live-plucking whilst being fully traceable.

Coming soon! We’re excited to partner with Woolroom who use 100% soft British wool that is traceable and fully audited.

Duvet Sizes

It may sound obvious but check the size of your bed before you purchase your new duvet. Here is our size guide.

 Mattress SizeDuvet Size
Single 90cm x 190cm 135cm x 200cm Single
Double 120cm x 190 cm
And 135cm x 190cm
200cm x 200cm Double
King 150cm x 200cm 230cm x 220cm King
Super King 180cm x 200cm 260cm x 220cm Super King

Our Recommended Duvets

1. The Fine Bedding Company Breathe Duvet (7 Tog)

This is a luxurious hypoallergenic duvet that regulates body temperature, is highly breathable and light. This duvet uses FBC’s Smartfil® technology which uses a fibre derived from natural wood pulp to create a highly breathable cover, leaving you free to have the most comfortable night’s sleep.

Available in 4.5, 7.0, 10.5 and 13.5 tog ratings, as well as a four seasons option (4.5 + 9).

We love The Fine Bedding Company for their innovation. The advanced fibre technology from Smartfil® means the finest quality products are available with the utmost comfort.

Breathe Duvet by The Fine Bedding Company (Tog: 7) Breathe Duvet by The Fine Bedding Company (Tog: 7)
Breathe Duvet by The Fine Bedding Company (Tog: 7)

2. The Fine Bedding Company Boutique Silk Duvet

The sumptuous silk blend of this duvet is luxuriously silky and soft. The washable silk duvet combines pure, natural silk with FBC’s Smartfil® sleep technology to deliver a heavenly hotel duvet experience.

This is a naturally non-allergenic duvet and is covered in a soft 100% pure cotton cover with a smart jacquard design.

Available in 4.5, 10.5 and 13.5 tog ratings.

Boutique Silk Duvet by The Fine Bedding Company (Tog: 4.5) Boutique Silk Duvet by The Fine Bedding Company (Tog: 4.5)
Boutique Silk Duvet by The Fine Bedding Company (Tog: 4.5)

3. Brinkhaus Pearl Duvet (8 tog)

This very light duvet filled with the finest Hungarian Goose Down provides mid-range warmth for all year round. It’s part of a multiple-option duvet system meaning it can be clipped to other weights as the seasons change giving you total flexibility.

We love its superb design with the excellent drape that comes from using Hungarian Goose Down filling and exquisite Egyptian cotton batiste casing.

Brinkhaus are experts in luxurious sleep. They appeal to all comfort levels and appeal to those looking for sumptuous luxury.

The Pearl Duvet by Brinkhaus (Tog: 8) The Pearl Duvet by Brinkhaus (Tog: 8)
The Pearl Duvet by Brinkhaus (Tog: 8)

4. The Fine Bedding Company Nimbus Silver Collection Goose Down Duvet - This collection of duvets from luxury brand Nimbus include 90% Hungarian Goose Down, 10% Hungarian Goose Feather, with 300 thread count cotton indulgence.

These naturally soft and indulgent duvets maintain their insulating properties far longer than synthetic ones. They do this by draping fluidly over the body, hugging closely and insulating more efficiently. They also absorb body moisture that is then released once the duvet is aired.

Available in 4.5, 10.5 and 13.5 tog ratings.

Nimbus duvets are of a superior quality, which is reflected in their 10 year guarantee. They include the finest quality raw materials. We love this brand for their attention to detail, finishing and high-quality workmanship.

Coming to our website shortly - available to buy now in-store and over-the-phone.

5. The Fine Bedding Company Nimbus Bronze Collection Goose Down Duvet - This is perfect if you’re thinking about switching your normal duvet for something more opulent. The Bronze Goose Down Duvet is covered in luxurious cotton and includes 90% Goose Down and 10% Goose Feather, all contained in a 280 thread count soft cotton cambric cover.

We love this duvet because it is internally certified as ethically sourced. Not only will you be comfortable but you will also be doing your best for the environment.

Available in 4.5, 10.5 and 13.5 tog ratings.

The Fine Bedding Company are sleep experts. They offer luxurious duvets that meet their Down Commitment. All of their natural products are responsibly sourced with assured traceability and are independently audited.

Coming to our website shortly - available to buy now in-store and over-the-phone.

Find The Right Duvet For You

Now you have the knowledge, browse our extensive collection of luxury duvets.

You deserve ultimate comfort to have a great night’s sleep and with a vast range of duvets on offer, we know you’ll find the right one.

If you’re still unsure, please call our expert team. We’re on hand in our superb showroom and can help with any questions you have.

Posted by Charlotte Symondson
23rd June 2022

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