Hypnos Mattresses - The Origins Collection

Are you looking for a range of natural, supportive mattresses from Hypnos that feature a unique, never-been-seen-before pocket spring system?

Then welcome to the Origins Collection!

We’ll delve into the exceptional details of the Origins Collection soon. First, let us introduce you to - or remind you of - the expert spring function that is standard with a Hypnos mattress.

Expert Design with Hypnos Mattresses

Hypnos’ expertly engineered ReActivePro™ pocket spring system, patented by Hypnos and made in Britain, is designed to offer total support. The unique spring system follows the contours of the body and will alleviate pressure points.

For peace of mind, the pocket springs encourage air flow to circulate throughout the mattress. In doing so, they allow ventilation to the fillings and keep the mattress fresh and dry.

The Origins Collection is first to feature the new ReActivePro™ pocket spring system ensuring the best performance from your mattress.

The Origins Collection

The Origins Collection has been designed to offer sublime comfort with safe, sustainable and traceable fillings to encourage a natural sleep experience.

Each Origins mattress contains up to 8 sheep fleeces for the most natural night’s sleep. To make good on the Hypnos values, 100% of the wool in the Origins Collection is traceable to Red Tractor assured farms.

Hypnos Origins Orthos Mattress

Hypnos Orthos mattresses from the Origins Collection are firm and designed to provide orthopaedic support. They are the firmest mattresses in the Origins Collection, offering a supportive sleeping environment that distributes weight evenly.

This deluxe design is ideal for those who prefer firm to extra-firm support while they sleep. The Orthos mattress upholds Hypnos’ dedication to sustainability by protecting the pocket springs with layers of eOlus™, a recycled polyester made from reclaimed plastic bottles.

Each mattress is lovingly hand-crafted with up to three rows of side-stitching for a neat, tailored look. They also include chrome vents for breathability and hand-finished wool tufts to secure the mattress fillings and prevent them becoming lumpy.


The Orthos mattresses are made with Hypnos’ ReActive™ pocket springs which have been compressed to deliver a firm tension spring gauge. This unique spring system is exclusive to Hypnos. The range covers single tension mattresses to firm and extra-firm tension; you are guaranteed to find a mattress to suit your individual needs.

  • The cover is crafted from responsibly sourced, unbleached cotton and linen which gives the mattress a natural fire-resistant finish without the need for FR chemicals.
  • All of the mattresses in the collection are double sided, allowing you to turn and rotate with the seasons to ensure longevity.

Orthos Origins 5

Crafted with both comfort and eco considerations in mind, the Orthos Origins 5 includes a blend of earth-conscious materials to form its breathable, responsibly sourced upholstery layers. Hypnos use British wool from Red Tractor assured farms and that forms the outer layers of the mattress, ensuring deep cushioning and natural breathability. This single tension mattress with 1000 5-turn ReActive™ pocket springs are highly resilient, giving you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Orthos Origins 6

Experience the advanced support of the Orthos Origins 6 mattress. With the highly resilient 1000 ReActive™ 6-turn pocket spring unit to prevent you from sinking into the mattress, the reliable edge-to-edge support will help with even weight distribution. It comes with 4.2kg of British wool, sourced from Red Tractor assured farms - the equivalent of 2 sheep fleeces - to offer a blissful night’s sleep.

Orthos Origins 7

This innovative design is made with 1200 ReActive™ 7-turn pocket springs. The Orthos Origins 7’s highly resilient pocket spring system distributes your weight evenly for a neutral spine position and delivers superior edge-to-edge support. Sheets of responsibly sourced cotton and 4.2kg of British wool - equivalent to 2 sheep fleeces - work to enhance the mattress’ natural moisture wicking properties. This mattress is great for sleep and your bedroom environment.

Orthos Origins 8

With comfort-enhancing pocket-spring technology, the Orthos Origins 8 creates a blissful sleeping environment. It includes responsibly sourced natural fibres - including organic cotton, flax, hemp and British wool (GOTS certified) - alongside Hypnos’ 1400 ReActive™ 8-turn pocket spring system. This provides a luxurious medium-firm feel and superior edge-to-edge support.

Orthos Origins 9

With advanced support, the Orthos Origins 9 mattress is double-sided and has notable eco credentials. Its high tension and innovative 1600 ReActive™ 9-turn pocket spring system works to provide a luxurious, firm and supportive mattress with deep layers of soft, breathable and sustainably sourced British wool. With 6kg of wool sourced from Red Tractor assured farms - equivalent to 3 sheep fleeces - the Orthos 9 mattress offers the finest layers of comfort.

Hypnos Origins Cotton Mattress

Hypnos’ cotton mattresses from The Origins Collection are luxurious, easy to maintain, no turn, with layers of responsibly and sustainably-sourced cotton.

Hypnos use a soft, breathable fibre which keeps heat away from the body. Not only do the cotton mattresses contain sustainable cotton fillings, they also have unbleached cotton yarn for weaving into the damask that covers the mattress.


As the mattress is single-sided there is no need to turn, simply rotate with the seasons. They also feature the unique ReActivePro™ pocket spring system with Triple Edge Protection™*.

  • Safe and naturally fire-resistant sustainably sourced, unbleached cotton and viscose sleep surface.
  • Single-sided mattress, no need to turn, just rotate with the seasons.

Cotton Origins 6

Sleep well and in comfort with just the right amount of support from a traditionally-made, 6-turn pocket sprung mattress of both wool and sustainably sourced cotton. The Cotton Origins 6 is single-sided, so easy to maintain, with layers of cloud-like cotton and 100% British wool traceable to Red Tractor assured farms.

Cotton Origins 7

Handcrafted and hand finished, these mattresses feature both wool and sustainably sourced cotton. The Cotton Origins 7 is single sided, so no need to turn, with layers of soft cotton, a 7-turn ReActivePro™ pocket spring system and 100% British wool. A layer of hardy Swaledale wool cushions the springs to ensure mattress breathability.

Cotton Origins 8

Designed for absolute luxury, the Cotton Origins 8 is a beautifully considered 8-turn pocket sprung mattress. With thick layers of traceable British wool to help regulate body temperature naturally and a layer of soft cotton, the Cotton Origins 8 combines comfort with an innovative pocket spring system.

Hypnos Cotton Origins 6 MattressHypnos Cotton Origins 6 Mattress
from £705.00
King for a Double
Cotton Origins 7 Mattress by HypnosCotton Origins 7 Mattress by Hypnos
from £790.00
King for a Double

Cotton Origins 8 Mattress by HypnosCotton Origins 8 Mattress by Hypnos
from £910.00
King for a Double

Hypnos Origins Wool Mattress

Hypnos’ wool mattresses from the Origins Collection offer generous layers of soft and cloud-like wool from Red Tractor assured farms and provide ultimate relaxation.

Wool is the perfect mattress material as it’s antibacterial; it repels dust mites and is responsive to fluctuations in body temperature. It wicks away moisture to keep sleepers at a comfortable temperature whatever the time of year.


ReActivePro™ pocket spring system combined with wool, natural Talalay latex or Adaptiv™ comfort springs. This range also features Triple Edge Protection™* and higher tension springs at the edge of the mattress for added support.

  • Safe and naturally fire-resistant sustainably sourced, unbleached cotton and viscose sleep surface.
  • Available in Medium and Firmer comfort with a dual tension option.
  • Double-sided mattress, rotate and turn with the seasons.

Wool Origins 6

Enjoy sleeping naturally on a traditionally-made, 6-turn pocket sprung mattress of springy wool, which is 100% British and traceable to Red Tractor assured farms. A layer of hardy British Swaledale wool cushions the springs to ensure breathability.

Wool Origins 8

Relax into a beautifully crafted 8-turn pocket sprung mattress with 16.7kg of pure British wool - over 8 sheep fleeces! Combined with a comfort layer of Adaptiv™ pocket springs, the Wool Origins 8 offers luxurious and plush comfort.

Wool Origins 10

Designed for absolute luxury, the Wool Origins 10 is a beautifully considered 10-turn pocket sprung mattress. With a smart, tailored look and layers of responsibly sourced materials, it includes 15.7kg of 100% British wool traceable to Red Tractor assured farms and a layer of natural and sustainable Talalay latex.

Wool Origins 6 Mattress by HypnosWool Origins 6 Mattress by Hypnos
from £1,175.00
King for a Double
Wool Origins 8 Mattress by HypnosWool Origins 8 Mattress by Hypnos
from £1,430.00
King for a Double

Wool Origins 10 Mattress by HypnosWool Origins 10 Mattress by Hypnos
from £1,640.00
King for a Double

The Origins Collection - Comfort with Integrity

With a plush tailored look, unique Triple Edge Protection™*, and sensational comfort guaranteed, there is no doubt that the Origins Collection will help you wake up feeling great.

From luxurious, soft wool to responsibly-sourced and natural cotton, there is an excellent variety of mattress options to choose from.

All Hypnos mattresses deliver comfort with integrity because Hypnos have a long-standing approach to every part of the bed making process, sustaining their reputation as the most comfortable beds and mattresses in the world.

If you want more information on the Origins Collection from Hypnos, then please contact us at snuginteriors and we can help you select the right choice for you and your sleep.

*Unique Triple Edge Protection: A higher tension spring supports the bed edge, whilst the substantial frame and several rows of genuine hand side stitching ensure sturdy bed edge support, and a traditionally beautiful look.

Posted by Charlotte Symondson
10th June 2022

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