I'm looking for a soft Vispring mattress. Which Vispring mattress should I choose?

All of Vispring’s luxury mattresses are available in a soft tension. However, certain models are designed to feel softer than others, so it is important to understand which Vispring mattress model is going to be right for you, whilst also selecting the appropriate mattress tension to suit your body weight.

Below we outline the softest Vispring mattresses and discuss the key differences between them to help you discover which Vispring mattress is right for you.

The two softest models within the luxury Vispring mattress collection are the Vispring Devonshire Mattress and the Vispring Shetland Mattress. These mattresses combine Vispring’s unique pocket springs (made in house, exclusive to Vispring) with all-wool upholstery.  The deep layers of wool provide a soft sleeping surface delivering a sumptuous, cosy feel.  Both of these mattress models suit those customers who like to sleep slightly nestled into the mattress so they can feel that ‘give’ with the mattress coming around them as they lie down and relax. They are especially loved by customers who want to relieve pressure from their joints.

Between these two soft mattress models, the Vispring Shetland mattress has an increased number of pocket springs with a narrower diameter spring, giving a higher number of contact points that contour the body to a higher degree and deliver a more supportive and responsive feel.

It also has a greater depth and combination of wool upholstery. Both of these factors make for an even more luxurious, soft yet supported sleep.

Two other models within Vispring’s mattress collection delivering a softer feel are the Vispring Regal Superb mattress and the Vispring Kingsbridge mattress. These models are not solely upholstered with wool, instead they are made from a combination of soft wool, cotton and horsetail, spread across a number of layers of upholstery. Opt for these models if you are looking for a softer feel without wanting to nestle so deeply into the mattress.

For those looking for ultimate comfort and who regularly dream or reminisce about that hotel feel, add a luxury Vispring mattress topper to your bed, which will deliver an extra layer of deep upholstery to nestle around your joints and give that sumptuous, cloud-like feeling.

Be mindful of the base that you are putting your new mattress on. If you are using a slatted base, it will make any mattress come up feeling firmer, whilst a pocket spring divan will give you the most luxurious supportive feel as both the mattress and divan base work in unison together.  Vispring have a range of pocket spring divans which they pair with their mattresses for the ultimate comfort. 

The Vispring Devonshire mattress is partnered with the Wool De Luxe Divan base, whilst the Vispring Shetland mattress is partnered with the Wool Prestige Divan Base. Just like the mattresses, the difference lies in the number of pocket springs and the depth of upholstery, with the latter model having a greater number of both.  

Vispring Devonshire MattressVispring Devonshire Mattress
from £1,560.00
Extra Savings & Free Pillows
Free Collection & Recycling
Vispring Shetland MattressVispring Shetland Mattress
from £3,255.00
Extra Savings & Free Pillows
Free Collection & Recycling

Vispring Regal Superb MattressVispring Regal Superb Mattress
from £3,070.00
Extra Savings & Free Pillows
Free Collection & Recycling
Vispring Kingsbridge MattressVispring Kingsbridge Mattress
from £3,515.00
Extra Savings & Free Pillows
Free Collection & Recycling

Still Unsure Which Vispring Mattress will be Best for You? Get in Touch or Come and Visit Us!

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Posted by Charlotte Symondson
28th April 2022

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