Hypnos Wool Origins Beds, the most eco-friendly and comfortable beds

Why are Hypnos Wool Origins Beds the most eco-friendly and sustainable in the world?

Hypnos' century-long legacy of luxury beds and mattresses manufacturing is fully visible in the new Wool Origins Collection - the most eco-friendly Hypnos mattress & bed range which has been designed for ultimate comfort by using the most responsibly sourced materials possible.

Hypnos use only natural fibres such as horsehair, latex, cotton and British wool and all of the timber in their divan bases are from sustainably managed forests that are both FSC® and PEFC™ compliant. This means that it is free of chemical-based foams ensuring the mattress is fully recyclable at the end of its life and never needs to go to landfill.

The Buckinghamshire-based sleep manufacturer was awarded this year with The Queen's Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development, only given to companies that can demonstrate the very highest environmental standards in all of its practices.


The Hypnos Wool Origins Collection, features a ground-breaking industry-first partnership with Red Tractor assured farms - allowing the 100% British wool to be traced right back to the source at assured farms across the UK. This approach has brought a brand new way of traceability for mattresses.



The Origins Collection delivers triple edge protection with a unique combination of supportive, higher tension pocket springs along the mattress borders, coupled with several rows of genuine hand side-stitching.



Hypnos are renowned internationally for making handcrafted deep pocket spring mattresses, supplying beautiful bespoke beds to homes and hotels, and also to the world’s royalty, VIPs and celebrities. They continue to use traditional and time-honoured skills that have been passed down from generation to generation.



Backed by a 10-year guarantee that will bring Hypnos quality and comfort into your bedroom.

The Hypnos Wool Origins Collection consists of the following models: 


Hypnos Wool Origins No. 6 Mattress

The Wool Origins No. 6 Mattress guarantees total body comfort for a great night’s sleep. It features Hypnos’ expertly engineered 6 turn ReActivePro pocket springs, and a built-in Triple Edge Protection firm gauge spring for additional mattress edge support. 

This seasonal turn mattress boasts an all-natural filling of 8 fleeces, or 16.3 kg, of responsibly sourced British wool. The mattress’ cotton and viscose cover is hypoallergenic and unbleached, and it's tailored with three rows of traditional hand side-stitching for a superior quality finish.

The No. 6 mattress is available in medium and firm tensions and is backed by a 10-year guarantee, making it an investment into quality sleep that will enhance your day-to-day wellbeing for years to come.

Hypnos Wool Origins No. 6

Wool Origins 6 Mattress by HypnosWool Origins 6 Mattress by Hypnos
from £1,175.00
King for a Double
Wool Origins 6 Divan Bed by HypnosWool Origins 6 Divan Bed by Hypnos
from £1,430.00
King for a Double

Hypnos Wool Origins No. 8 Mattress

The Wool Origins No. 8 Mattress offers luxurious support and the comfort of a natural wool filling for a rejuvenating night’s sleep. 

Designed with the signature Hypnos ReActivePro 8 turn pocket springs, this high-tech support will sense and flex to your shape for constant comfort. 

It’s 16.3 kg filling of all-British wool is sustainably sourced and traceable to the farm. Wool is both hypoallergenic and moisture and heat regulating, this has proven benefits for helping people fall and stay in a deep, blissful sleep. 

Three rows of genuine hand side stitching help keep the mattress layers and ticking in place. As a seasonal turn mattress, No. 8 is designed for long-lasting freshness and quality and is available in medium and firmer tensions. It’s steeped in Hypnos craftsmanship and backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Hypnos Wool Origins No. 8

Wool Origins 8 Mattress by HypnosWool Origins 8 Mattress by Hypnos
from £1,430.00
King for a Double
Wool Origins 8 Divan Bed by HypnosWool Origins 8 Divan Bed by Hypnos
from £1,690.00
King for a Double

Hypnos Wool Origins No.10 Mattress

The Hypnos Wool Origins No 10’s deep natural filling makes it a stand-out mattress. It boasts a generous 7 fleeces, or 15.7 kg, of Red Tractor assured British wool. Wool’s heat and moisture regulation and hypoallergenic qualities help relax the mind and body for deep, regenerative sleep.

True to the original Hypnos specification, it features a highly responsive support system with ReActivePro 10 turn pocket springs. It boasts Triple Edge Protection with 3 rows of genuine hand side stitching to keep the cover snugly fitted over the mattress. 

This premium upholstering ensures optimal cushioning and breathability that will keep this seasonal turn mattress fresh for years to come - making it a preferred inner-mattress choice amongst luxury bed specialists.

This generously upholstered seasonal turn mattress is available in medium and firmer tensions and it is backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Hypnos Wool Origins No.10

Wool Origins 10 Mattress by HypnosWool Origins 10 Mattress by Hypnos
from £1,640.00
King for a Double
Wool Origins 10 Divan Bed by HypnosWool Origins 10 Divan Bed by Hypnos
from £1,895.00
King for a Double

Pair your Hypnos Wool Origins Mattress with a Hypnos Divan Base for the ultimate sleeping experience. Whether you’re looking for contemporary flair or a traditional bedstead aesthetic, you can select the base style, type, height, storage options, fabric, and legs to design your perfect bed. 

Then, for the finishing touch, add a stylish Hypnos Headboard so you can kick back and relax comfortably. 



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Posted by Charlotte Symondson
1st October 2020

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