6 sleep-inducing reasons why you need a bigger bed


Did you know that partner disturbance is the UK’s second biggest cause of sleep deprivation, affecting a quarter of the British population? While it’s lovely to snuggle up to your loved one in a cosy space, the bare fact remains that the average person wriggles and turns around 60 to 70 times a night, and it’s costing many of us some serious zzzzs.

In The Great Bedtime Report published by the UK’s Sleep Council, survey respondents reported that sleep was being affected by snoring, duvet hogging, teeth grinding and fidgeting.

And yet, a standard double bed is a mere 4ft 6in, which gives each person just 2ft 3in of space to sleep in (less than a standard single size per person). If you are constantly getting disturbed by your partner’s fidgeting in bed, space hogging or stealing of bed clothes, it could be time you considered investing in a bigger bed.

As well as the obvious benefit of having more room, here are 6 reasons why you need a bigger bed:

  1. We are larger than previous generations. A global study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that nearly a third of the world’s population is overweight or obese now and it’s getting worse. If we are getting bigger (average clothes sizes also confirm that we are increasing in size as compared to previous generations), then it makes perfect sense to up the size of our beds. Quite simply, we are outgrowing the standard bed size!
  2. We spend a third of our lifetime in bed so why skimp on space. By the time you are 50, you will have spent 16 years in bed! So, why not get the best quality sleep you can on a bigger and more comfortable mattress?
  3. Couples sleep better in a bigger bed. It’s a fact. If fidgeting and fighting for space is a constant battle in the bedroom, perhaps it’s high time you made more room. With a larger bed, you can still spend time snuggling, but also have the space to stretch out too. With a roomier bed, you are much less likely to disturb each other.
  4. According to the Sleep Council, 16 other countries boast bigger average bed sizes than Britain, including Belgium, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Finland and Switzerland. Once you’ve slept in a bigger bed on your holiday abroad, you’ll know it’s the right time to make the change to a bigger bed at home.
  5. If you have kids who occasionally sneak into bed with you at night and a game of bed hopping ensues, you will already be aware that it’s time you took the plunge and bought a much bigger bed. With a king, super king or emperor bed the kids can snuggle in without it being a tight squeeze. Put an end to bed hopping and make way for a bigger bed.
  6. Partner disturbance is one of the most common complaints for poor sleep. If your partner is a serial fidgeter at night and you value your sleep, you couldn’t make a better investment than upgrading your bed to a bigger size. Since we spend extra money on homes, holidays, cars, TVs and sound systems, why skimp on the investment for a new bed if it means you will reap the rewards and get a better night’s rest!


If you need advice or help choosing a bigger bed, get in touch with Snug Interior’s bed experts. We have a fabulous range of superior quality King and Super King beds and mattresses that will transform your sleep quality and give you the restorative night’s rest you are longing for.

Posted by Charlotte Symondson
14th September 2019

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